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Sphero transforms the way kids PK–12 learn with a fun, comprehensive approach to STEAM (that's STEM + Art) and computer science. Our coding robots, design-and-build kits, curriculum, and engaging lessons and activities encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance.

Teachers and students using coding robots and STEM kits to learn Computer Science.

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Cybersecurity illustration with BOLT STEM robot.
Cybersecurity illustration with BOLT STEM robot.

Cybersecurity Lessons Named Best of STEM!

Check out our award-winning lessons developed to make it easy to teach cybersecurity principles to students.

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STEAM Learning Solutions

We offer coding robots and STEAM (STEM + Art)  educational tools that transform the way kids and teens learn, create, and invent through coding, science, engineering, and the arts. Looking to inspire your whole class? Shop our education packs.

Girls doing art with robot ball. Student programming RVR coding robot. Catapult invention with littleBits circuit kit.

Getting Started With Sphero is Easy

1. Explore Sphero's offerings for home and school. We have coding robots and design-and-build kits to inspire every learner.

2. Find activities for all ages and stages in the free app for your bot or kit.

3. Watch as your learner(s) use their STEAM skills to solve the challenges of today!

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Portrait of Vannessa Fowler, Teacher at Villacorta Elementary, CA.

Being able to code Sphero robots combines critical thinking and collaboration—to me, that's a big deal.

— Vannessa Fowler, Teacher at Villacorta Elementary, CA

Computer Science in the Classroom or at Home

STEAM Activities & Resources

The Sphero ecosystem of tools and the Sphero Edu platform gives kids, teachers, and parents of all learning and coding abilities a blank canvas to solve challenges at home, in school, and beyond.

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Teacher holding BOLT coding robot.

Reboot Back to School

When it comes to lesson planning, we’ve got you covered! Within the Sphero Edu app and littleBits Classroom you and your students gain access to thousands of free, standards-aligned STEAM and computer science activities for grades PK-12. 

Not sure where to start? Our Sphero Heroes recommend these activities to help get the ball rolling. See what they share below!

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Incorporating the Socratic Method While Teaching STEM
Sphero Team

Incorporating the Socratic Method While Teaching STEM

Teachers can facilitate thought-provoking classroom discussions in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for a unique strategy to build your students’ critical thinking skills, the Socratic method is worth exploring. As we dive deeper we’ll discuss the Socratic method and how teachers can use this philosophy while teaching STEM.
Tips to Find STEM Internships for High School Students
Sphero Team

Tips to Find STEM Internships for High School Students

A survey conducted with over 11,000 students showed that the majority of respondents are planning to embark on a career in STEM. This is not surprising, considering workers in STEM occupations experience lower rates of unemployment and higher salaries than those in non-STEM occupations.

There are many reasons why you should consider pursuing an internship in a STEM field while you’re still in high school.

Electrical vs. Mechanical Engineering
Sphero Team

Electrical vs. Mechanical Engineering

Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering are dynamic areas of study that are similar, yet different in scope. If you’re interested in the applied sciences, you might be wondering which area of engineering is best for you. Here’s a look at the differences between electrical vs. mechanical engineering to help you make your choice and set you on the right path. 

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