A teacher works with her class on a painting with Sphero robots at a table.
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#BeyondCode: How Sphero Fosters Creativity Through Computer Science

Creativity. It's been criticized, overlooked, and misconstrued. Of course creativity can translate to artistic talents, but you can also be a creative mathematician, historian, teacher, and yes, even a creative programmer. Sphero's STEAM Education program teaches coding and 21st century literacy, but it also goes beyond code and fosters creativity.
Students work together to build an invention on top of a Sphero RVR robot.
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Project-Based Learning Examples: 6 PBL activities for home or in the classroom

Here at Sphero, we absolutely love project-based learning. We keep it top of mind when developing new educational tools and make activities and games that actively encourage it. Our passion for project-based learning makes us excited to share our knowledge with readers during the quarantine. 
A boy sits at his desk in a classroom working on a computer with Sphero BOLT.
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STEM Education: How to Bring STEM Learning into the Classroom

In today’s quick-to-change world, it’s more important than ever that we prepare students to solve tomorrow’s problems. If we hope to crack the world’s most challenging issues, we need more innovative thinkers, self-driven inventors, and creative problem-solvers in the workplace. The solution is clear: to meet the talent demand, we need to focus on STEM education in school. 
A young boy sits in a classroom working on an assignment.
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21st Century Skills in the Classroom for Student Success

Here at Sphero, we talk a lot about 21st Century Skills, and we’re certain you’ve heard A LOT about them. (The phrase has become somewhat of a buzzword.) But what are 21st Century Skills and which are the most important? Well, the short answer is they’re all important, but we’ll dive into each one a bit further here and how to best implement the right activities and curriculum to achieve them as goals.
A piece of paper with STEM on it is surrounded by various school supplies.
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While many teachers and administrators are feeling the pressure to prepare students for emerging careers in science and technology, it’s important to remember that, for many students, the arts are just as important. From creating music to calligraphy, creativity and the arts have a place in almost everyone's daily life.