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Building STEM and programming skills is FUN for all ages with Sphero! We offer educational coding robots and design-and-build STEAM (STEM + Art) Kits to foster computational thinking and problem solving skills at home, with options for screenless or app-enabled learning!

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Educational Coding Robots & STEM Kits for Kids & Teens | Learning At Home

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Sphero Maze TapeStudents and teacher working with Sphero Edu Maze Tape.
Pink littleBits i3 button.Pink littleBits i3 button side view.
Green littleBits o6 buzzer.Green littleBits o6 buzzer side view.
Green littleBits o14 bright LED.Green littleBits o14 bright LED side view.
Orange littleBits w2 branch.Orange littleBits w2 branch side view.
Orange littleBits w7 fork bit.Orange littleBits w7 fork bit side view.
littleBits w33 Control HublittleBits w33 Control Hub
Orange littleBits w10 inverter bit.Orange littleBits w10 inverter bit side view.
Green littleBits o9 bargraph.Green littleBits o9 bargraph side view.
littleBits o13 fanlittleBits o13 fan connected to green bit side view.
Green littleBits o7 IR LED.Green littleBits o7 IR LED side view.
Pink littleBits i6 dimmer.Pink littleBits i6 dimmer side view.
Pink littleBits i32 filter bit.Pink littleBits i32 filter bit side view.
Pink littleBits i33 envelope bit.Pink littleBits i33 envelope bit side view.
Pink littleBits i35 delay.
littleBits o25 DC motor (D Shaft) attached to green bit.littleBits o25 DC motor (cross axle) attached to green bit.
littleBits Green Speaker output bit.Side view of littleBits Green Speaker output bit.
littleBits w26 codeBitOrange littleBits w26 codeBit side view.
Adhesive red littleBits bitShoes. Assorted littleBits bitShoes.