High School STEM Solutions

Teaching computer science, physics, and other STEM subjects with Sphero robots and our standards-aligned curriculum in high school brings your lessons to life and off the pages of a textbook. Integrating Sphero robots into AP classes, Javascript programming classes, or other subject areas offers career and technical opportunities unlike any other hands-on STEM learning solution.

Coding Robots

Teach PK–12 learners computer science and STEM or add coding and fun to any subject.

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littleBits STEAM Kits

Snap-together electronic Bits that allow elementary learners to create with technology.

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Blueprint Engineering Kits

The most approachable and scalable tool to build engineering skills for middle and high school students.

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High School

High School STEM Solutions

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Black littleBits codeBit dongle.
Pink littleBits i5 slide dimmer. Pink littleBits i5 slide dimmer side view.
Pink littleBits i25 MP3 player bit.Pink littleBits i25 MP3 player bit side view.
Pink littleBits i12 temperature sensor bit.Pink littleBits i12 temperature sensor bit side view.
Pink littleBits i23 threshold bit.Pink littleBits i23 threshold bit side view.
Green littleBits round LED matrix bit.
Green littleBits o18 IR Transmitter bit.
White littleBits Servo Mount Bucket.
Orange littleBits w27 USB I/O bit.Orange littleBits w27 USB I/O bit side view.
Orange littleBits w3 OR bit.
Orange littleBits w2 branch.Orange littleBits w2 branch side view.
Green littleBits o2 long LED bit.
Pink littleBits i19 roller switch bit.Pink littleBits i19 roller switch bit side view.
Blue littleBits powerSnaps.
littleBits rechargeable batterylittleBits rechargeable battery side view.
Orange littleBits w14 Makey Makey bit.Orange littleBits w14 Makey Makey bit side view.
Pink littleBits i37 mix bit.Pink littleBits i37 mix bit side view.
Pink littleBits i36 micro sequencer bit.Pink littleBits i36 micro sequencer bit side view.
Pink littleBits i35 delay.
Pink littleBits i34 random bit.Pink littleBits i34 random bit side view.