littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack

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The littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack is the ultimate STEAM learning toolkit, containing 240 Bits, 10 newly designed durable storage containers, printed teacher support materials and 40+ standards-aligned lessons to engage the entire class. Integrate programming with the Fuse app to level up and create digital circuits.

  • Supports unplugged activities for up to 30 students, and coding capabilities for all students with the new Fuse app
  • Run 50+ unplugged/no device required cross-curricular lessons and 20+ coding lessons on littleBits classroom
  • Units included: Engineering design, science, ELA, computational thinking and coding through game design
  • Improved durable storage for easy organization and clean up (every group has their own tray)
  • Printed materials included for easier implementation and reflection prompts allow for introspection and self-expression opportunities enabling both students and teachers to monitor patterns and progress. 
  • Lessons are aligned to NGSS, CCSS and CSTA.

Item will ship mid-August.

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40+ Standard Aligned Lessons in Classroom for the STEAM+ Class Pack and 1000’s of Inventions. With this pack, users can enjoy an appless experience or expand into coding.

Unplugged Experience:  No coding needed

Expand with Coding Lessons

Two students working together to create littleBits STEAM Student Set invention.

Endless opportunities for invention

Each color-coded Bit has a specific function (e.g. lights, sensors, motors, inputs, and outputs) and is modular and reusable for an infinite number of inventions. Use the littleBits modular system to create inventions that solve any problem! Empower students to let their imagination take flight by customizing their inventions with crafts and household items.  

Guided activities prompt students to find solutions to real-world problems through applying engineering, physics, art, and design thinking concepts. Students can then advance their skills to the next level by tackling open challenges that help to change the world. 

Person building littleBits vehicle using Teacher's Guide book.

STEAM+ Printed Materials

1 STEAM Teacher’s Guide

The STEAM Teacher’s Guide provides educators with 136 pages of detailed support material, including implementation strategies and classroom management tips, for using littleBits in the classroom.
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10 Invention Logs

The Invention Log guides students through the engineering design process as they create, play, remix and share their littleBits inventions.
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10 Invention Guides

The Invention Guide provides an index of all included Bits and how they function. There are also Student facing lessons are aligned to NGSS, CCSS and CSTA standards.

A boy testing out his littleBit's keytar inventention.

Get hands on with Sphero littleBits Classroom

The littleBits Classroom includes fully developed lesson plans, video tutorials, and student handouts. Use littleBits Classroom and the app to educate and engage students as they learn to code. Lessons are carefully designed to help students build through scaffolded activities and lesson plans.  

Laptop with littleBits simulator on the screen.

littleBits Fuse App

The STEAM+ Class Pack was designed specifically for Sphero's new Fuse app. Expand upon what your inventions can do using the littleBits Fuse app to program your Bits using conditionals, loops, and functions. See how the Bits fit together in the virtual circuit builder to see what you can create with or without owning all the Bits. Designed for learner progression, program using blocks or JavaScript, all you need is the included codeBit.

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STEAM+ Class Pack curricular crosswalk chart.

A full solution for teaching STEAM

All lessons in the STEAM+ are aligned to NGSS, CCSS and CSTA standards.

Teacher Resources

Free teacher resources designed to keep you informed and enrich your classroom experiences. Here you’ll find our latest guides, whitepapers, and webinars all in one place.

What's in the Pack?

10 STEAM+ tackle boxes with included bits, accessories and printed materials.

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