littleBits Educator Starter Kit

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The Sphero littleBits Educator Starter Kit is an open-and-go introductory circuit kit designed for K-12 educators looking for a flexible, yet powerful STEAM solution. Our goal is to give you the tools and support you need to empower students to create, experiment and become critical problem solvers through hands-on learning and project-based lessons.

  • Use this circuit kit to confidently secure buy-in for your whole classroom, school or district implementation
  • Get professional development from littleBits Classroom and access curriculum guides, resources, and more 
  • Engage 1-2 students per kit and turn students’ ideas into a reality with 5 bits and 12 accessories 

Learn electronics with Sphero littleBits! Recommended for ages 8+. 

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Featured Activities

littleBits Educator Starter Kit hand raiser activity.
Learn what it means for an object to require work and what happens when an object has potential elastic or gravitational energy. Then use littleBits to create a simple prosthetic arm to explore these concepts further.
littleBits Educator Starter Kit carnival gamesactivity.
Remake a favorite carnival game, or create a new one. Start by brainstorming ideas, then build and test several prototypes. Explain the rules to a friend and let them take it for a spin!
littleBits Educator Starter Kit invent a creature activity.
Create a unique creature adapted to survive in its habitat. Start with a plan for the design, build a few prototypes of the creature, and then test and iterate on your design.
Person making hand invention with instructions on laptop.

The perfect start to hands-on STEAM learning

The Sphero littleBits Educator Starter Kit helps students develop critical STEM skills through lessons that apply fundamental concepts such as circuitry, engineering, physics, art, and design thinking.

This electronics kit includes a carefully curated sample of 5 Bits, stickers, 12 accessories, paper templates, educator resources, and educational lessons aligned with Common Core, NGSS, and TEKS standards. Use them with customized educational support material on littleBits Classroom to discover the “aha” littleBits moment that everyone raves about.

Person catapult invention with instructions on laptop.

Endless opportunities for invention

Each color-coded Bit has a specific function (e.g. lights, sensors, motors, inputs, and outputs) and is modular and reusable for an infinite number of inventions. Use the littleBits modular system to create inventions that solve any problem! You can even empower students to let their imagination take flight by customizing inventions with crafts and household items. Guided activities prompt students to find solutions to real-world problems through applying engineering, physics, art, and design thinking concepts. Students can then advance their skills by tackling open challenges that help to change the world.  

Pro Tip: When you’re ready to move to the next level, you can browse from our entire selection of STEAM solutions for educators.

Our STEAM Student Set is a complete electronics kit that gives educators everything they need to easily implement 20+ hours of standards-aligned curriculum in the classroom using 15+ Bits and 40 accessories.

Teacher Resources

Free teacher resources designed to keep you informed and enrich your classroom experiences. Here you’ll find our latest guides, whitepapers, and webinars all in one place.
Hands snapping littleBits circuits together.

What’s in the Educator Starter Kit circuit kit for kids?

  • 1 power snap circuit Bit 
  • 1 wire snap circuit Bit 
  • 1 button snap circuit Bit 
  • 1 slide dimmer snap circuit Bit 
  • 1 servo (cross axle) snap circuit Bit 

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