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SPRK+ was our first round robot designed for educators. Since its release in 2016, we have listened to the needs of our education community and built a more advanced version, Sphero BOLT.  BOLT is the upgraded and improved version of SPRK+ that offers a longer-lasting battery, a built-in matrix, and has accompanying content that scales with Computer Science knowledge and skill level. 

  • SPRK+ (one of our original robotic balls) paved the way to help us develop the newest and most advanced iteration, BOLT.
  • BOLT is the upgraded version of SPRK+ and our most robust robotic ball designed for education based on educator feedback.
  • BOLT has 2x the battery of SPRK+, LED matrix, Infrared communication, advanced sensors
  • Our Computer Science Foundations Curriculum and newest activities are aligned to the features of BOLT all of our curriculum and activities are aligned to BOLT.
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