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In recognition of United Nations Day, October 24, and Make A Difference Day, October 26, we’re encouraging inventors everywhere to do some good in the world!  

Research shows that those who help others not only feel good about the work they are doing, but improve their own well-being as well. Doing good in ways big and small offers a range of benefits to better social-emotional health, expressing empathy through understanding an acceptance, and greater happiness.

The United Nations, founded in 1945, is known globally for its ability to spark dialogue and action to build a better world and work through challenges. For students, the UN sets a great example of how people can work together to offer solutions and make a difference. 

We regularly encourage our community to engage in the invention cycle and use littleBits to come up with creative, quirky, and out of the box solutions to help others. Our Invent For Good lesson invites students to come up with a product of their own designed to help someone else. 

littleBits lined up in a grid on a purple background.

The results over the years have been truly outstanding from a car for the disabled to a BitBike and hearing impaired phone ring assistant to a Sense-o-Scope for people who are uncomfortable with bright lights and loud noises. 

Inventing for good engages design thinking, helps others, and helps the creator too. Let’s hear about your latest inventions to make a difference in your school, your community, or even at home!