Sphero Security

Safeguarding privacy and ensuring security is paramount to protecting sensitive information and maintaining trust in the digital age.

Our tech-centric, digital world can sometimes be overwhelming. Social media, smartphones, and the next big breakthrough in convenience engineering make it easier for user information to be accessible online. Our commitment is to continuously enhance the safety of our products for a secure user experience.

As the industry leader in programmable robots and educational technology (EdTech), we consider privacy to be of the utmost importance. We make sure to take proactive steps in protecting personal information, as well as be transparent about our safety protocol.

What to Know About Programmable Robots

Connected devices and tools sometimes come with privacy concerns, especially when they are used by kids at home or in school.

We believe privacy and security should be top of mind throughout the creation process, from a product’s or app’s inception to being available to users. We strictly adhere to this practice, and while the EdTech world continues to evolve, so will our diligence.

Download this infographic to see a breakdown of our processes from product creation to marketing, shipping, and beyond.

Download Security Infographic

Safety is #1

We make sure to keep all products – past and future – up to our standard of safety. Here are some steps we take in our mission to safeguard information.

We verify that we are only installing authentic software and firmware onto our products.

Our team conducts a thorough security review of all products and apps.

We use third parties to test for any weaknesses across apps, devices, and web services.

We implement several independent mechanisms to monitor for potential security threats.

We periodically review the data we collect to make sure that we are only collecting what is necessary for your play experience.

Sphero has strong policies for our data storage, data is encrypted in transit and at rest where possible to ensure its safety.

Sphero takes compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) very seriously and closely follows developments in children’s privacy and online safety.

Product specific security information can be found on our Support Page

Share Any Concerns

Vulnerabilities require vigilance. While we do everything we can on our end, we want to let our users know that we’re happy to address any findings out in the wild. Please reach out to us at security@sphero.com with any security-related concerns.