Sphero in the Classroom

Educators, coders, makers, artists, problem solvers, and curious-minded people everywhere use Sphero's education kits and coding robots to bring effective STEAM learning into the classroom. See why Sphero is the #1 robotics platform used in schools!

Teenage girls coding BOLT robot through a maze in a classroom.

Getting Started

Sphero is committed to providing the tools and support you need to implement STEM, and computer science in your classroom, no matter what you teach. Here, you’ll learn more about Sphero, littleBits, and the resources available to you as you begin your journey!

STEAM Learning Solutions

Sphero Global Challenge: Sphero Goes Incognito
Sphero Global Challenge: Sphero Goes Incognito


Sphero Global Challenge is the ultimate STEM competition and an opportunity for students to go deeper with computational thinking, engineering, and programming skills.
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STEM and Computer Science Funding
STEM and Computer Science Funding

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  • Federal Grants & ESSER Funding
  • Corporate Grants
  • Organizational Grants
  • Local Grants & Partnerships
  • Crowdfunding
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