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We regularly offer free webinars for our community to participate in lively discussions, and find helpful STEM resources and strategies on the learning and teaching topics you care about most. Check out some of our recent pre-recorded webinars here or sign up to our email list to be notified about upcoming webinars and other exciting news.

Robots & Reading: Using indi to Drive Literacy Instruction

When you think about coding, does your mind automatically associate it with the science of reading? If not, this Sphero Session will change your mind! Phoneme-Grapheme mapping is an explicit and strategic approach to learning how to read and spell words. In this session, Reading Specialist Claire Stewart will explore the research behind phoneme-grapheme mapping, the steps to map a word, and how you can use Sphero indi to help your students map words in a new and exciting way. Coding isn't just for big kids! With indi, students can begin as early as Pre-K and Kindergarten.

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Celebrate CSEdWeek with a free webinar from Sphero! In this 45-minute webinar, Sphero Heroes and the Sphero team will take you #BeyondCode with ideas for infusing coding and computer science into core subjects. They'll share tips and examples of how to use Sphero robots and littleBits to get students hands-on with learning—no previous coding experience required.
Curious about how to create a successful summer program that feels FUN to students? Sphero can help! Sphero Heroes Christy Ruffin and Brandy New will share how they've made their STEM summer camps with Sphero a success with Sphero robots and littleBits. Plus, the Sphero team will share resources to help guide you in creating your summer program.
We know how this happens far too often. You order a new technology tool for students to enhance their learning in the classroom and as a way for teachers to really dig into project-based learning in cool ways. You open the box, you charge them up, and not much happens. In this 45 minute Sphero Session, award-winning educator Adam Welcome, along with the team at Sphero will dive into the tech tools that you have, the tools you've been dreaming about, and how to empower teachers to actually use them. Let's go!
We're going back to the basics with this Sphero Session all about getting started with Sphero robots to help you confidently bring coding and STEAM to your students. We'll demo the three ways to program our robots (Draw, Blocks, and Text), give a tour of the tools and free activities in the Sphero Edu app, and answer questions you may have.
Celebrate Computer Science Education Week by joining this free, 60-minute Sphero webinar! From planning out a project to seeing it come to life with code, visualization is a powerful tool in a student's success with programming. In honor of CSEd Week, this webinar will help you explore how students can turn their ideas for projects into life with physical hardware. When it comes to physical computing, students who have a Sphero robot or littleBits kit can see their code come to life in real-time.
Think robots only belong in science class? Think again! In this free hour-long webinar, Sphero Heroes Laurie Guyon and Garrett Gross will show you how to “shake up” your learning with Sphero programs that you “shake to start.” These programs can be implemented in ELA subjects, social studies classes, and more, with no coding experience required. We'll also cover how to safely apply these teaching methods in an in-person classroom, or how to facilitate in a virtual or hybrid learning environment.
It's never too early to start learning the fundamentals of computer science. In this webinar, you'll learn how to develop a foundation for teaching computer science in order to prepare young learners for future skills.
Ring in the new tech-ade with your friends at Sphero! In this webinar, you’ll learn how to incorporate engaging STEAM programming into your school with tried and true strategies and examples of successful littleBits implementations. We'll unveil the latest littleBit's product designed especially for teachers.
Join Sphero Hero Nicholas Provenzano and Sphero Engineer Jeff Wiencrot to hear how you can use Sphero to teach the Engineering Design Process. We'll talk about the steps engineers take to guide them in problem solving—both in the classroom and in the field—Sphero activities that can help students build design thinking skills.

Products & Initiatives

Led by experienced educators and Sphero experts, this 45-minute interactive Sphero Session will cover teaching and learning engineering principles with the new Sphero Blueprint Build Kit and Class Pack. You will learn how to use Blueprint to guide your students through the engineering design process and engage them in solving real-world challenges.

Whether you are a seasoned STEM educator or new to teaching engineering, our goal is to provide you with practical tips and strategies to inspire and motivate your students. You will also get the chance to ask questions and share your experiences with other educators from around the world.
Join Nate (Product Manager for RVR+) and Brad (Professional Development Manager) for a deep dive into our newest robot RVR+. Join this webinar to get a tour of the robot and all of its features. In addition to learning about RVR+, you will also learn how to incorporate RVR+ into your classroom.
It's never too early to help young learners better understand computational thinking and problem-solving skills and why these skills are so important to their learning journey. In this webinar you'll hear from Sphero's own Jeremy Macdonald, Jeff Wiencrot, and our special guest Sphero Hero, Jennifer Keene on how to teach these skills from a young age. Plus, we'll be taking an in-depth look at Sphero's all new robot indi, specifically designed for early learners PK-2nd grade. indi inspires imaginative play-based learning by empowering kids to design and build their own mazes while teaching critical problem-solving and computational thinking skills with or without the need of an app!
Do your students see the connection between what they are learning and the world around them? littleBits empower students with the creative confidence and curiosity to always ask,
In this free, 45-minute webinar, we'll cover the inner workings of Sphero BOLT, the Sphero Edu app, and discover how to implement engaging STEAM lessons in all grades, from elementary to high school. Sphero Heroes Peter Abt and Lauren Marrone will share their first-hand experiences as educators in different grade levels and subject areas, as well as how they have implemented a scalable approach to STEM learning with Sphero.
In this free 45-minute webinar we’ll go over the power of sports to champion STEAM learning, as well as how our innovative Sphero Sports coding bundle will inspire students through play and sports, and how professional sports teams are engaging schools and communities in this meaningful, hands-on learning experience!
Sphero Global Challenge is the ultimate STEM, robotics, and design competition, and an opportunity for kids to go deeper with computational thinking, engineering, and programming skills. In this free 45-minute webinar we'll go over each individual event, how to assemble a team, gear to get started, and other questions you might have before registering for the competition.
Hey, teachers! Ready to go BIG with littleBits? littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack provides your entire classroom with engaging STEAM lessons and coding right out of the box. In this 30-minute webinar you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek at both the STEAM+ Class Pack and the Fuse app and learn how you can go BIG and take your littleBits to the next level.
Calling all K-12 educators! Join Sphero for a 45-minute webinar about inventing with littleBits. In this webinar, we will help educators empower their students to unlock their creative confidence through invention by learning about littleBits and the Invention Cycle.
As part of our CSforAll commitment, join us for a 45-minute webinar to introduce you to Computational Thinking (CT)—a powerful process for thinking through complex problems that you can incorporate into your classroom whether you have technology or not. During this webinar, the Sphero team will unpack CT, including its definition and what it looks like in and out of school settings. You'll leave with a set of free resources, part of Sphero's 2023 CSforAll commitment, that you can use to get started with CT in your classroom.
Sphero is excited to announce our free 3-part cybersecurity series in collaboration with Information Technology Full Professor and Director of Camp Cryptobot: Dr. Pauline Mosley! In these sessions, we'll prep you to keep students, schools, and their communities safe online. Check out Part 1 below!
Sphero is excited to announce our free 3-part cybersecurity series in collaboration with Information Technology Full Professor and Director of Camp Cryptobot: Dr. Pauline Mosley! In these sessions, we'll prep you to keep students, schools, and their communities safe online. Check out Part 2 below!
Sphero is excited to announce our free 3-part cybersecurity series in collaboration with Information Technology Full Professor and Director of Camp Cryptobot: Dr. Pauline Mosley! In these sessions, we'll prep you to keep students, schools, and their communities safe online. Check out Part 3 below!
The versatility and hands-on nature of Sphero robots and littleBits lends itself to helping students challenge assumptions and watch their new ideas come to life. In this Sphero Session, we'll focus on two teaching strategies: The Socratic Method and Design Thinking. You'll hear from Adrienne Emerson (Sphero Team) and Meaghan Creamer (Sphero Hero) as they share how Sphero can be used to amp up learning in the classroom with questioning and design iteration.
Cybersecurity is a hot topic in education because knowing cybersecurity basics is essential to staying safe online. It not only protects the child, but schools and communities. How can you teach it to kids? Hear from the Sphero team and Dr. Pauline Mosley, a computer science professor at Pace University, as they share practical tips and lessons for helping students stay safe online.
Finding funding for STEM and computer science can be challenging but rewarding for you and your students if you know where to look and how to apply! In this 45 minute webinar, we'll learn from Teacher & Gifted-Enrichment Specialist, Marilyn Williams, and Coordinator of Innovative Programs, Maria Duel, who have in-depth insight on the types of STEM funding available and how to get it. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to better equip your classroom with the tools you need to help your students succeed.
Need fresh ideas to spark inspiration to implement STEAM in your secondary classroom? In this 45-minute webinar, we will explore ideas to create and sustain momentum around STEM education in the upper grades. Hear from a Sphero Hero about her experience learning STEM skills alongside students and get some ideas for increasing engagement with Sphero tools.
For computer science (CS) to be engaging for all learners, educators must consider the academic, career, and social and emotional learning of their students. This requires savvy lessons that focus on equity, incorporate sound teaching strategies, and use edtech creatively. Join this FREE webinar to get tips, resources, and actionable steps to help you level up both your virtual and face-to-face lessons by focusing on equity and SEL in tandem with CS.
Learn how play and inquiry-based learning puts students’ questions, ideas and observations at the center of their learning experiences. You’ll learn how Sphero promotes play-based learning to boost engagement and motivation in students of all ages. We also unveiled the Sphero Global Challenge - the ultimate STEM competition!
Set the stage for fun, collaborative learning all year long! Whether you're wondering if Sphero robots are right for your classroom, curious how to get started, or looking for fresh ideas, we hope that you'll join us as we kick off Sphero Sessions with PD for helping fuel collaboration and teamwork in your classroom.