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Young boy and father sit at desk while learning off a laptop together.

Today is National Take Your Kids to Work Day. Under normal circumstances, it would be a time for you to bring your kids to the office to give them a glimpse into the working world, teach them something new, and share experiences together. Obviously, this year things are a bit different. With so many of us working and learning from home, we have traded in our usual office spaces for cluttered, craft-filled dining room tables and switched to a strictly sweatpants-only dress code. 

Every year the Sphero offices fill up with kids, eager to get a glimpse behind the scenes at how we conceptualize and create our robots and STEM kits. While our working environments have changed, there are still plenty of opportunities to get your child involved in your workday. In fact, several Sphero employees are hosting virtual learning sessions for coworkers’ kids, so they can still be a part of this special day. 

Below are some of our favorite ways to make the most of this day, and any workday, with your kiddos while you’re working from home.

How to Celebrate "Take Your Kids to Work Day" from Home:

  • Walk them through your day's agenda over breakfast: Kick off the work day by walking step-by-step through what your agenda looks like together over a stack of their favorite pancakes. 
  • Have them sit in on a Zoom work meeting: Having your child sit in on an actual Zoom meeting with your team not only allows them to see how you interact with others, but gives them the chance to see how a team can still meet goals from home! 
  • Create a mini work project for them: There is a chance that throughout the day you still will need to get your work done! So put your child to work on a mini project. From creating a new company logo, to brainstorming new product ideas, the options are endless! Check out some of our crazy cool activities for inspiration! 
  • Take your lunch break together: Taking lunch together is a perfect way to catch up with your little one and see how they are doing. Let this time be for questions and some tasty treats. 
  • End the day with some “I learned today..” moments: End your workday by asking your kids what they learned today. This can spark some interesting conversations around their day in the home office with you! 

While working from home might not be the ideal office space, this is an opportunity to make your “Take Your Kids to Work Day” the most memorable one yet! 

What are you planning for your workday together? Share your ideas with us by tweeting us @Sphero.

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