indi Code Mat & Literacy Cards

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The indi Code Mat & Literacy Cards is available for preorder. Your order is expected to ship August 2024.

This two-sided, interactive coding mat with accompanying literacy activity cards and guide with standards-aligned lesson ideas offers endless opportunities for screenless learning and fun with Sphero indi and was designed to support ELA curriculum.

One side welcomes students to indi Land, where each of the eight locations is connected to a different literacy concept. Students can use Color Tiles to guide indi to the Retelling Rollercoaster and discuss the beginning, middle, and end of a story or identify and consider characters at the Character Cabins. Each location offers an opportunity to strengthen literacy skills and have discussions rooted in a shared text.

The flip side of the mat is an adaptable, blank grid that assists students in placing Color Tiles when programming indi. It can be used alongside the accompanying literacy cards for practicing objectives such as letter identification, word formation, and sentence construction or can be used to facilitate hands-on learning in other subject areas.

For recommended lessons and alignment to WIDA and CCSS Standards, take a look at our free indi Land guide.

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The Sphero indi Code Mat is a recipient of a 2024 “Enhanced Curriculum Innovation Award” from the EdTech Breakthrough Awards program! Learn more here.

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What's Included

  • 1 two-sided indi Code Mat
  • 1 literacy card set w/ 168 letters and images
  • 1 literacy card set w/ 114 words
  • Sphero indi sold separately 

Product Dimensions

57.09in (L) x 45.67in (W)

Engage the Entire Class!

Sphero indi eight or sixteen Class Packs provide educators with all the resources and tools needed to get an entire class up and running with robots, durable latex-free rubber color tiles, a charging case and storage as well as a standards-aligned Educator Guide Book for indi specific lesson plans.

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