Sphero Mini Education 16-Pack

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Introduce a playful, imaginative, and easy-to-use STEAM learning tool to your elementary classroom! Sphero Mini is compact, measuring about the size of a ping pong ball, and offers  intuitive programming and a host of features that make it an exciting addition to your learning environment. Each Mini Activity Kit in the Education 16-Pack contains a clear Sphero Mini, bumper covers, traffic cones, bowling pins, construction sets, and activity cards, supporting both individual and group learning for up to 3 students per Mini.

Sphero Mini Features and Benefits

  • PROGRAMMING FOR BEGINNERS: Sphero Mini provides three programming canvases suitable for elementary learners*: Draw, Blocks, and Text in the Sphero Edu app, allowing young students to quickly learn to program, control the robot's movements, and customize its features.
  • EXPANSIVE ACTIVITY LIBRARY: The Sphero Edu app offers a vast array of activities that teach computer science concepts and enhances learning in core subjects like math, science, and ELA, making it easy for educators to incorporate STEAM into their curriculum.
  • PACKED WITH TECH: Sphero Mini contains a gyroscope, motor encoders, and accelerometer, as well as a bright, colorful LED to add an extra layer of excitement to the learning process. 
  • TABLETOP FRIENDLY:  Mini is small enough for desktop learning but sturdy enough to roll around on the floor. Students can easily maneuver the robots around their desks or workspaces, encouraging hands-on learning and interaction in a space-efficient manner.
  • EXCITING ACCESSORIES: This pack comes with a range of exciting accessories, including bumper covers, mini traffic cones, bowling pins, and construction sets that offer endless possibilities for imaginative play and learning—from navigating mazes to robot races!
  • FLEXIBLE LEARNING: The Sphero Mini Education 16-Pack supports both individualized learning and collaborative group projects. The Mini robots and accessories in the pack are packaged individually, making it easy to use for individualized learning, or can be used for collaborative group projects with up to 3 learners per bot.

*Adult supervision is required for children under eight as Mini's shell is designed to open up, exposing smaller parts that need to be handled with care and could be a choking hazard for little ones.

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SpheroCare Warranty
1 year: $61.99
2 year: $81.99
3 year: $109.99

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What's Included

  • 16 Sphero Mini app-enabled robotic balls
  • 16 Robotic ball covers
  • 16 sets of 6 pins and 3 cones
  • 16 construction sets
  • 16 splitter USB cables
  • 16 sets of 15 activity cards
  • 1:1 Robots/Accessories/Activity Cards packaged together

Product Dimensions

Sphero Mini Robot: 1.57 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches

Device Compatibility

Sphero Edu App (For School): Students code using Draw, Blocks, or Javascript. Access 1000s of activities and manage your classroom. Chrome, Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Kindle

Sphero Play App (For Home): Kids use Block Drive for an intro to programming with colorful blocks. iOS, Android, Kindle