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Sphero has the tech tools you need to engage PK–12 learners in programming and STEAM (STEM + Art) at home or in the classroom. The Sphero Learning Ecosystem brings STEAM, computer science, and robotics to life with tangible tools and expert-designed lessons for hands-on learning at every step of the educational journey. Shop our coding robots, littleBits, Blueprint kits, and more!

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littleBits o13 fanlittleBits o13 fan connected to green bit side view.
Green littleBits o14 bright LED.Green littleBits o14 bright LED side view.
Green littleBits o18 IR Transmitter bit.
littleBits o19 RGB LEDGreen littleBits o19 RGB LED bit side view.
Green littleBits o2 long LED bit.
littleBits o21 numberGreen littleBits o21 number bit side view.
littleBits o24 speakerlittleBits o24 speaker
littleBits o25 DC motor (cross axle) attached to green bit.littleBits o25 DC motor (D Shaft) attached to green bit.
Green littleBits round LED matrix bit.
Green littleBits o4 vibration motor bit.
Green littleBits o6 buzzer.Green littleBits o6 buzzer side view.
Green littleBits o7 IR LED.Green littleBits o7 IR LED side view.
Green littleBits o9 bargraph.Green littleBits o9 bargraph side view.
Blue p3 Power bit.Blue p3 Power bit side view.
Blue p4 littleBits power bit.
littleBits p7 power
Blue littleBits powerSnaps.
littleBits rechargeable batterylittleBits rechargeable battery side view.
Purple littleBits screwdriver.
White littleBits Servo Mount Bucket.
Purple littleBits Space Rover Template cutouts.littleBits Space Rover Template invention.
STEAM Student Set with bits and durable storage.