Manage Students in the Sphero Edu App

There are two primary options for managing students in the Sphero Edu App:

Option 1: Quick Start - This option is great if you're having a quick coding session and don't need to save any data.

Option 2: Class Codes - Use this option if you're managing a classroom and need to assign activities and track your student's progress.

If you are interested in creating and managing classrooms with Google Classroom or Clever, learn more here.

ipad with Sphero Edu coding app for kids logo.

Option 1: Quick Start

Direct students to open the Sphero Edu app and select Let’s Code! to jump right in. Students will be able to view activities and create programs but no work will be saved to the cloud.
ipad screenshot of the sphero edu coding app with Let's code highlighted.

Option 2: Class Codes

Teacher: Create a Class on the website

Select manage my class.

Step 1

Sign in by selecting Teachers.

NOTE: The first time you log in you can create an account or log in with Google or Clever. You’ll be asked to verify your teacher identity. Learn how here.

Classes in top navigation highlighted.

Step 2

Select Classes in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Add new class is highlighted

Step 3

Select + Add a New Class.

Create Class name.

Step 4

Select Class Code.

Create Class name.

Step 5

Give your class a name.

Create Class name.

Step 6

Share the Class Code with students.

Select manage my class.

Step 7

Direct students open the Sphero Edu app.

Assign Activities & Share Programs

Students: Join Your Class in the Sphero Edu app
Step 1: Select Join Your Class to log into your class.
Select Join Your Class
Step 2: Enter the 6-character code.Create Class code Step 3: Enter your first name and last initial. Students can complete assigned activities and create programs. All work will
be saved to their account.

Teacher: Assigning Activities from

Once you have a class set up, it is easy to assign activities.

Step 1: Find an activity you want to assign to students. Select ASSIGN in the upper right corner.Select Assign from top right corner.

Step 2: Select your class and choose Submit.Select Class and hit submit.

Step 3: Direct students to open the activity in the My Activities section of the Activities tab. You can track their progress as they complete it.Activities page with highlighted UI.

Teacher: Sharing Programs from

Step 1: Select the Assignments tab in your desired class.
Select Assignments

Step 2: Select Share Program.Select Share Program

Step 3: Select the program you’d like to share.

Highlighted activity

Step 4: Direct students to open the program in the Resources tab.

Activity is showing up in assignments.

Still Having Trouble?

Access more resources on our Support page and the Edu IT Guide for Schools or contact .