Sphero Global Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal collaboration and team support, we recommend teams of 3–5 students. However, we understand that circumstances may vary, so teams can include anywhere from 1–5 students.

Any adult can coach a team and previous experience is not necessary. We provide coaching guides and resources to support all coaches throughout the competition.

Furthermore, teams do not need to be affiliated with a school to compete. Any group of students within the age bracket limits is welcome to participate in the competition. We encourage all groups who are interested to join us for a fun and educational experience!

The following materials are included with registration: 

  • Coaching Guide
  • Mission Objectives 
  • Competition Rules and Evaluation Rubric
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Submission Slideshow Templates
  • Coaching support from the Sphero team

Any additional materials required for the competition, such as robots, Blueprint, and craft materials, are sold separately. Find out what you need to compete here.

As long as the oldest team member does not exceed the upper end of the bracket, students of any age are allowed to compete. If you have team members who would fall in the upper elementary age bracket and the middle school age bracket, your team would need to compete in the middle school age bracket. In other words, teams can “play up” an age bracket. 

A coach can coach as many teams as he/she would like. If you have multiple teams, it may be helpful to enlist the help of another coach or parent to assist in keeping your teams on track. 

One registration fee is associated with one team. 

The Sphero Global Challenge Blueprint Kit was designed specifically for Season 4 mission objectives for the BOLT and RVR+ events. If you have already ordered or purchased a Blueprint Build Kit or Class Pack, you may use these parts as long as you adhere to the list of parts allowed for use as outlined in the Sphero Global Challenge Official Rules..

The BOLT and RVR+ Event do require the Sphero Global Challenge Season 4 Blueprint Kit (or commensurate parts found in Blueprint Build Kit and Class Pack).

The top 10% of teams based on event score are invited to participate in the Sphero World Championship. The top scoring team from each country will also be qualified to compete in the Sphero World Championship.

The competition season spans the 2023-2024 School year with virtual submissions due in February, and if teams qualify, the Sphero World Championship virtual event will take place April 22, 2024 - May 2, 2024. 

Sphero Global Challenge is a fully virtual competition which means that teams do not need to travel to a tournament site or participate in a local or regional competition in order to qualify for the Sphero World Championship. Teams will work on their mission objectives for the events with their teammates in whatever location works best for them.

You will receive a copy of your responses after you’ve submitted your registration form. If you have questions about your registration, please contactcompetitions@sphero.com

Please reach out to competitions@sphero.com if you haven’t received your coaching materials via email 48 business hours after purchasing a registration.

Students should be responsible for completing all of the work for the Sphero Global Challenge Mission Objectives. Coaches may help their team with troubleshooting, teaching concepts, or facilitating a team through the competition season. 

Teams will be able to begin submitting their work in January 2024 leading up to the submission deadline of February 14, 2024. Submission directions will be sent to coaches when the submission period is open, but teams will submit required materials using Google Drive. 

Yes! We know that things change throughout the year. You can edit the responses to your registration leading up to the close of the registration deadline. After which, you will be asked to confirm each team member’s participation and status on the team. 

At the beginning of March 2024, we will announce the finalists who will compete for the Sphero World Championship. After the conclusion of the Sphero World Championship, we will announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each Event. Winners will be notified via email and on Sphero social media pages and blog.