indi Student Carrying Case

SKU: 980-0368

Individual hard carrying case to store and transport one indi robot and accessories. Great for classroom organization or sending indi home with students. 


The indi Student Carrying Case + accessories are included with the indi Student Kit and the indi Class Pack. This listing is for the indi Charging Case only (no robot or accessories included).

    Keep indi safe as it travels around school or home with students
    This carrying case for indi allows quick cleanup and easy organization. It holds one indi robot, color cards or tiles, and a micro-USB charging cable
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Engage the Entire Class!

Sphero indi Class Pack (8 indis)

This Class Pack provides educators with all the resources and tools needed to get an entire class up and running with 8 indi robots, durable latex-free rubber color tiles, a charging case and storage as well as a standards-aligned Educator Guide Book for indi specific lesson plans.