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Celebrate CSEdWeek with Sphero and littleBits!

It’s the first day of the greatest week of the year. (Though, we may be slightly biased…) It’s CSEdWeek! 

Two girls work at a table in a classroom or workshop building an invention on top of Sphero RVR.

While we celebrate computer science and coding in K-12 education every day here at Sphero, we’re excited to share two new activities with you designed especially for this special week. 

What is CSEdWeek?

Computer Science Education Week, aka CSEdWeek, “is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity in computer science education, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field.”1

A girl stands in front of a chalkboard with code written on it.

While 2020 is an unusual year, we can’t let CSEdWeek go by without offering new computer science activities so every student, educator, or computer science enthusiast can participate in an Hour of Code. These new activities are entirely unplugged, no robots or littleBits required! Not only are these great activities for first time coders or coders of any age and skill level, but they're accessible to anyone with paper and a printer. 

Check out littleBits Inputs and Outputs and Sphero Loops Unplugged today! 

Try littleBits Inputs and Outputs

littleBits inputs and outputs activity.

A lot of what we get out of each day depends on what we put in. Circuits and computer programs rely on input to help determine a specific output. Similarly, our communities are most successful when we focus on input that will bring about the desired outcomes (outputs) we want to see. 

Try Sphero Loops Unplugged

Sphero head with Hour of Code logo.

Loops are all around us. From nature, to daily routines, to our communities, there are loops and repeating cycles that are a part of our lives. In this activity you will explore loops unplugged -- that means no devices! Identify loops in your community and help further those that benefit and help end those that don't.

Need more CSEdWeek inspiration? Check out all of our activities for Sphero and littleBits today. 

How are you celebrating? Share your #CSEdWeek photos with us on Twitter @Sphero. Happy CSEdWeek from all of us at Sphero! 


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