Students in Tanzania work on learning English and Chinese with Sphero indi in their classroom.
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From Tanzania to China: Driving Language Learning with Sphero indi

When I arrived in Tanzania to discuss a volunteering opportunity, I had no idea that it would lead to me teaching Chinese or that Sphero indi would play such a key role. Now back in the UK, I find myself reflecting on this wonderful experience.
A group of young students high-five each other at a working table in their classroom while the build with littleBits.
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6 Ways Tech Can Help Foster Social and Emotional Learning in Schools

In this article, we focus on how technology can foster social and emotional learning in schools. 
Students work on CAD designs on a laptop while building prototypes with Sphero Blueprint Build Kits.
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Learning CAD with Sphero Blueprint

Educators can use the Sphero Blueprint mechanical engineering system to teach students critical CAD skills and other important STEM concepts. Learn how! 
A high school student uses a 3D printer at school to print a prototype piece for a design.
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How 3D Printing Can be Incorporated into STEM Education

STEM lessons can often involve students designing simple machines, buildings, vehicles, and much more. But what if there was a way to turn those designs into tangible 3D objects?
Students build simple machines with Sphero Blueprint Build kits.
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Simple Machines for Kids: The Essential Tools for Aspiring Engineers

Here’s what you need to know about the six simple machines and how to introduce them to your students in STEM activities.  
Two boys sit on the floor coding and play with a Sphero BOLT programmable robot.
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How Programmable Robots are Shaping the Future of Creative Coding

Here we explore the world of creative coding and show you how educational robot kits for kids are poised to shape a future where innovation walks hand in hand with imagination. 
A group of teenage students and their teacher stand in a group outside of their school.
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Engaging STEM Activities for Constructivist Learners

Learn about constructivist STEM activities that ensure students are making connections between their experiences and what they learn in the classroom. 
A group of students sits on the steps outside of their school. They all learn differently so differentiated learning is ideal for larger groups of students.
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How to Use Differentiated Instruction for Every STEM Student

Learn how differentiated instruction can help boost engagement, learning, and collaboration in STEM education by embracing each student’s learning style.

A group of students collaborates on a project in school. This is a great example of how STEM education supports Social Emotional Learning.
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How SEL Supports STEM Learning

SEL helps students become mature, responsible, and respectful of their peers. Learn how SEL can support and benefit STEM learning in the classroom. 
Two programmers work on code together showcasing the collaborative nature of pair programming.
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What is Pair Programming?

Pair programming is a collaborative approach that rewrites the script. It transforms coding into dynamic partnerships. Learn how Sphero tools support it in the classroom! 
A high school student sits at a laptop working on completing a STEM Scholarship application on paper while looking at a website on a laptop.
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STEM Scholarships for High Schoolers

Scholarships can help high schoolers in STEM manage the financial burden of higher education. Learn about the benefits of STEM scholarships and how to apply! 
A group of teenagers sits on stairs chatting and laughing with each other. STEM Education is just one foundational way for kids and teens to learn importance social interactions in school.
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Building Social Interactions in School Through STEM

STEM activities and methods like the engineering design process enable students to interact with one another in a healthy and productive way all while learning.