A teenage boy programs his Sphero BOLT on his laptop at his desk at home.
At SchoolKamrey Mantz

How to Get Started Programming with Your Sphero BOLT

You got your Sphero BOLT, you’ve downloaded the Sphero Edu app and taken it for a spin, now what? In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of programming with Sphero BOLT and how to level up your knowledge along the way. 
Students practice computational thinking skills with Sphero robots in school.
At SchoolSphero Staff

What is Computational Thinking? A Guide to Computational Thinking, Algorithms, and Pattern Recognition

If you’re new to the concept of computational thinking, this blog will further break down exactly what it is, why it’s an important skill to start developing at an early age, and how educators can encourage it in the classroom and at home. 
How to Teach Kids to Code, Even Without a Computer
At HomeAngela Stone

How to Teach Kids to Code, Even Without a Computer

Knowledge of computer science and programming will become crucial in most future careers. This justifies why more than 90% of U.S parents want their children to be taught computer science, and 40% of schools have already included programming topics in their education curriculum. 
Sphero Global Challenge Robotics Competition for Kids Season 1 Winners
At SchoolAmanda Vaden

Season 1 Winners of the Sphero World Championship

Our inaugural season of the annual Sphero Global Challenge robotics competition was a resounding success as 74 teams from eight countries competed in three unique STEM events. In the end, 15 teams made it to the finals to compete in the Sphero World Championship to present their designs and inventions to our “e-STEAM-ed” panelist of judges.
Sphero BOLT is waterproof and can be used in a pool for summer STEAM fun!
At HomeKamrey Mantz

Waterproof Sphero Robots for Summer Fun

In this guide, we cover which Sphero robots are waterproof and which are not. Let’s dive in so you can make a splash with Sphero this summer.
Four young kids program and play with Sphero indi in their classroom.
At SchoolAmanda Vaden

Meet indi, the First Sphero Robot for Early Learners

Problem-solving, or the ability to think critically to overcome a challenge, is not only an important educational lesson, but a vital life skill that is ideal to teach kids early in their childhood development. That's why we created indi!
4 Ways To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week
At SchoolSphero Staff

4 Ways To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 3rd until May 7th. Now is the time to find ways to say thank you to the teachers in your life who shape the lives of our future. This guide covers Teacher Appreciation Week ideas and the importance of showing gratitude.
Students work on building Sphero robots in the makerspace at their school.
At SchoolAmanda Vaden

Webinar: STEM & Computer Science Funding Options

In this 45 minute webinar, we’ll learn about the types of STEM funding available and how to get it. Watch it today!
A class of elementary school kids look on as Sphero RVR traverses a pile of books.
At HomeSphero Staff

STEM Educational Resources for Every Age

Here are some of Sphero’s best educational resources for STEM learning, suitable for each age and grade level.
A person's hands type on a lap top indicating types of coding languages.
At SchoolSphero Staff

Your Guide to Different Types of Coding Languages

With hundreds of coding languages in existence, it can feel overwhelming to break into the world of computer programming or introduce these concepts to students. Here is breakdown of the various types of coding languages. 
A girl drives her Sphero BOLT in a pool as part of a STEM Summer Camp activity.
At SchoolAmanda Vaden

Sphero's Guide to the Ultimate STEM Summer Camp

We asked Kendra Werner, Sphero’s Education Program Manager, about why she believes STEM summer camps are important and how you can get started. Let’s dive in and learn more about how you can host a STEM summer camp this year with Sphero and littleBits!
An industrial robot packs boxes in a warehouse.
At SchoolSphero Staff

You’ll Never Guess The Inventors of These 5 Inventions!

We consulted our community of educators, Sphero Heroes, to help tell the stories of these modern innovators and why they’re worth learning about — here’s what they had to say.