Learning about the world’s most famous mechanical engineers from history and today is great inspiration for your students.
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8 Famous Mechanical Engineers You and Your Students Should Know

Almost every invention can be traced back to a mechanical engineer, or someone who drew from mechanical engineering principles. The first wheel and axle, the clock on a classroom wall, the family car: all of these exist because of mechanical engineering.
Mechanical engineering is an essential part of our world. These are the six branches of mechanical engineering.
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The Six Branches of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an essential part of our world: it drives innovation and keeps things running in healthcare, aviation, transportation, and beyond, often by facilitating the systems we don’t always see.
Computer science and art are more closely connected than you might expect. Here's how they work together.
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Computer Science and Art: Bridging Technical and Creative Skills

People like to put things into categories, and often, we assume that these categories are mutually exclusive. This is typically the case with describing ourselves as “technical” or “creative” – rarely would we consider that someone might be both, or that there’s a strong connection between these two categories.

But there is a connection. 

These trends in STEM Education are what expect to see in 2023.
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3 STEM Education Trends to Watch in 2023

As educators finalize their plans for the spring semester heading into 2023 and start planning ahead for the subsequent school year, the latest trends in STEM education are on everyone’s mind. 
Sphero RVR+ teaches the fundamentals of engineering for kids.
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Engineering For Kids: 10 Ideas to Try

Engineering is a field that requires creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It can help spark an interest in science and maths-- which we can agree can play a role in success in today's world.
Engineering drawings are technical drawings that define the specifications for a product, component, or project.
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Engineering Drawing Basics to Teach Your Students

Engineering drawings are technical drawings that define the specifications for a product, component, or project. These types of drawings should accurately convey the geometric qualities of the product, enabling the manufacturer to create it correctly. 
There are a few steps you can take to start a computer science program at your high school.
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Steps to Starting High School Computer Science Programs

A high school computer science program not only ensures that students are better prepared for the responsibilities that accompany the digital age, but it also allows teachers to curate a fun, futuristic class. Here’s why a high school computer science program is a positive step, and how to implement it in your school or organization.
Engineering ethics are essential and teachers can use them to develop positive habits in STEM for their students.
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Engineering Ethics: Developing Positive Habits in STEM

Here’s why engineering ethics are essential, and how teachers can help develop them as part of students’ positive habits in STEM.
Holiday STEM Activities are a fun and festive way to celebrate the winter holiday season with your students.
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8 Holiday STEM Activities for a Fun and Festive Classroom

With holiday STEM activities your students can practice their coding skills, share traditional holiday stories or customs, and even embrace the “A” in STEAM with a creative twist on arts and crafts. 
Technology tools for the classroom are electronic, digital, or physical resources that support learning and teaching.
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25 Technology Tools for The Classroom

A technology tool is an electronic, digital, or physical resource that can support teachers in the delivery and testing of content. Technology tools include apps, platforms, and software, and can be used in virtual, hybrid, or traditional learning environments.
The Gambler's Fallacy is a term that can be applied to teaching and learning STEM subjects.
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The Gambler's Fallacy: Relating it to Your STEM Classes

Teaching STEM subjects comes with many caveats. Not only are the topics often complex (and fascinating!), they demand a way of thinking and analyzing that students may not be accustomed to. But what does the gambler’s fallacy have to do with STEM? And how can you help students alleviate their gambler’s fallacy tendencies? We explain here.
All new Sphero hour of code activities for 2022.
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4 Colorful New Hour of Code Activities from Sphero for CSEdWeek 2022

CSEdWeek 2022 is just around the corner! This year, we’ve created four new Hour of Code activities that you can try with your students, or kids can try with their robots and parents at home.