There are many fun ways kids can learn how to start coding.
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How To Start Coding: 5 of the Best Ways To Learn How To Code

The role of technology has increased immensely in recent years. Computers have become an important part of almost every area of life, making coding a valuable skill for kids and teens to learn.

7 Coping Strategies for Kids
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7 Coping Strategies for Kids

Today, children and teens face many different issues from a variety of influences like academic, personal, extracurricular, and social pressures, all while they are also learning to develop emotionally. Children are learning to navigate new classrooms, teachers, and different expectations of teachers, family, peers, and self. 
Sphero Sessions are the latest version of Sphero professional development webinars for teachers.
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Sphero Sessions: Collaboration in the Classroom All Year Long With Sphero Robots

Set the stage for fun, collaborative learning all year long! Whether you’re wondering if Sphero robots are right for your classroom, curious how to get started, or looking for fresh ideas, we hope that you’ll join us as we kick off Sphero Sessions with PD for helping fuel collaboration and teamwork in your classroom.
There are many science activities for kids you can teach with Sphero BOLT and other programmable robots.
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Science Activities for Kids: 9 Lessons to Reboot Your Science Class This School Year

Many kids and teenagers will tell you that science is their favorite subject. From getting hands-on with chemical experiments, to coding robots, to learning about why things happen in nature and in the world around them, there’s something fascinating about science to learners of all ages and stages. 
There are 4 coding skills that are important for all students to learn.
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4 Coding Skills That Help Students Succeed

As one of today’s most in-demand skills, coding has become an extremely useful ability for young children and teens to learn. The tech industry is reshaping what the future of the workforce will look like.
Two girls sit at a table working on a classroom icebreaker as part of their back to school activities.
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17 Back-to-School Classroom Icebreakers

As students return to school, classroom icebreakers are a fun way to help the class learn more about each other and get them ready for collaborating and learning all year long. 
A boy works on a math activity with a Sphero BOLT robot in school.
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Math Activities: 10 Sphero Lessons to Reboot Your Math Class This Year

This back-to-school season, educators are looking for ways to help students rediscover their love for learning. There’s no better way to get students excited than hands-on, collaborative, and fun activities for core subjects you’re already teaching—like math!
Reboot back to school with Sphero.
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Back-to-School Ideas: How to Reboot the New Year with Sphero

It’s almost time to head back to school, and for many of us the return of in-person learning will make this a year of firsts, and a lot of “firsts in a long time.” Taking what we’ve learned from the last year, we want to help make the most of being together in the classroom again. 
Three educators participate in online professional development for teachers offered by Sphero.
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Why Does Professional Development for Teachers Matter?

At Sphero, we recognize that educators often have too-full plates and finding the time to pursue professional development hours can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve designed three options for those who are interested in STEM-related professional development. 
Encouraging high school girls to learn how to code is an important step to increasing the number of women in STEM careers.
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5 Tips for Helping High School Girls Learn to Code

The percentage of women in the computer science field has been steadily declining since the 1990s. Currently, only about 20% of the computer science workforce is made up of women, despite more widespread use of technology and a surplus of demand for programmers.
Middle school students practice computational thinking in the classroom with Sphero BOLT.
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5 Ways To Teach Computational Thinking in the Classroom

Computational thinking is one of the most important skill sets educators can foster in young learners. It’s a cornerstone of early childhood development, giving kids an approach to problem-solving that develops a solution by following a series of steps: decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithm design.
Sphero Mini is ideal for a variety of learners or all ages and coding stages.
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Meet Sphero Mini: Teeny, Tiny Tech in a Powerful Robotic Ball

Have you ever heard the expression, “Good things come in small packages”? When it comes to robots, they’re no exception! The Sphero Mini is our tiniest, most colorful programmable robot that is the perfect tool for having fun or learning in school or at home.