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Computational thinking (CT) is a valuable tool for kids to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It involves breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts, identifying patterns and relationships, and creating algorithms to solve those problems. By teaching kids computational thinking, they learn to think logically and systematically, which can help them in all areas of life, from academics to personal decision-making.

A group of students create a path for Sphero indi using the color tiles.

In addition to problem-solving skills, computational thinking can also help kids develop skills in creativity and innovation. By learning to break down problems into smaller parts, kids can come up with creative solutions that they might not have thought of otherwise. Computational thinking also encourages kids to think outside the box and experiment with different approaches to problem-solving, which can lead to new and innovative solutions.

Knowing this, as part of the 2022-2023 CSForAll movement, Sphero committed to developing free resources for more than 500 educators to help build their capacity for teaching computational thinking, including: 

  • Downloadable PDF toolkit with definitions, examples, and unplugged ideas for integrating computational thinking into the classroom;
  • Eight activity cards to build computational thinking with BOLT robots;
  • Sphero Session on implementing computational thinking in the classroom.

“Computational thinking is an important skill for students to hone, as it helps them know how to manage problems they encounter both in the classroom and in life beyond,” says Paul Copioli, Sphero’s CEO. “By providing these resources for educators, they can equip their students with valuable computational thinking skills and create a fun, hands-on learning environment in the process.”

Now, these free computational thinking resources are available for everyone here.

Computational Thinking in the Classroom - Sphero Session (webinar) slides

Free Computational Thinking Guide with Activity Challenge Cards

Sphero Session recording

A group of students look at the Sphero indi challenge cards.

It’s becoming increasingly important for students to understand computational thinking, especially in today's digital world. As technology continues to advance, there is a growing demand for individuals who can understand and work with technology. By teaching kids computational thinking skills, we can help prepare them for the future and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in a wide range of careers, from computer programming to engineering to data analysis. Ultimately, computational thinking is a valuable skill that can help kids develop the tools they need to be successful in all areas of life.

Learn more about how Sphero can guide computational thinking in your classroom by exploring our full collection of programmable robots, STEM kits, and standards-aligned curriculum today!

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