Sphero Team
Group of littleBits team at ISTE enjoying break together.

Philadelphia proved to be a wonderfully welcoming city for educators, administrators, and STEAM advocates this week at ISTE 2019! As the conference kicked off, we invited attendees to Power Up with healthy snacks and shared a bunch of new announcements:

  • littleBits Classroom an online platform that offers teachers the ability to easily source 250 lessons and over 5,000 inventions aligned to state and national standards to create an engaging experience for students.
  • littleBits BitCamp, invites teachers to build community with us by hosting a workshop with 15-20 educators in their network and we’ll provide the product, marketing materials, and a $350 to ensure success.
  • BitStar Expert Educators are invited to join littleBits to bring hands-on STEAM learning to every classroom with applications open now through July 7, 2019.
  • Bitcare makes it easy to get replacement bits and accessories. Let us protect your investment in STEAM so that you can focus on learning.
  • littleBits Code Kit and STEAM Student Set Expansion Packs were featured daily with creative new inventions that extend math, science, computer science and technology learning with fun content.  

As always, reach out to our team whether attending a conference with us or not as we work together to share classroom learnings, building community, and engage students in STEAM. Enjoy our snapshot of ISTE 2019!

(Ayah Bdeir, littleBits Founder & CEO, greets guests at BitConnect)

Group of people smiling wearing matching purple littleBits tshirts, smiling in front of a trade show booth.

(littleBits ISTE team)

Little girl playing with littleBits invention on a tradeshow booth wall.

(our youngest inventor)

Two women in front of littleBits booth holding up ice cream treats to the camera.

(ice cream treats to stay cool)