Sphero Team
Teacher demonstrating littleBits invention to class.

Jasen Gibbens, a teacher at McLean High School in Terre Haute, Indiana, started his career as an engineer for General Electric and became a teacher ten years ago. Since that time, his goal has been to provide students with the hands-on manipulatives that encourage creative problem solving and help them to reach their full potential. 

Incorporating STEAM into the classroom, Jasen knew, would be an effective way to capture students’ imagination and to give them a sense of autonomy and purpose. 

But while STEAM enthusiasm among educators is skyrocketing, school and library budgets are tightening. This meant that Jasen had to keep new STEAM programs and resources on his wish list for longer than he’d like -- and learn how to be creative in looking for funding for his STEAM programs.

Jasen observed increased engagement, attention, and attendance among his students. Find out how he secured funding for his projects and led integration by reading the case study.