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Celebrate CSEdWeek with new Hour of Code activities from Sphero.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, the holidays are here, but we’re talking about the one and only CSEdWeek and the Hour of Code. Whether you’re new to computer science and just getting started, or you’re a seasoned programming pro, CSEdWeek and the Hour of Code is a fantastic time to learn something new and get hands-on coding experience with Sphero robots. 

Let’s explore what CSEdWeek is and how you and your students can celebrate the Hour of Code this year. We’ve even created three new activities to help you get started! 

What is CSEdWeek and The Hour of Code?

CSEdWeek (Computer Science Education Week) is an annual week dedicated to celebrating the benefits of computer science in schools, the contributions of teachers in this field, and ways to inspire more students to get involved.

The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.

So, how can you participate in CSEdWeek and the Hour of Code with Sphero? Join teachers and students around the world by hosting your very own Hour of Code Event – a fun, engaging way to introduce computer science to students through hands-on activities and more. We’ve got some new activities to try to further your inspiration! 

New Hour of Code Activities for Sphero

Below are three new Hour of Code activities for you to try with your students this year.

For Beginners: New Hour of Code Activity with Sphero indi 

In this beginner Hour of Code activity, Sphero indi is ready to learn more about how it and other computers work. In this lesson, your students will discover inputs and outputs through hands-on exploration.

Grades: PK-5

Robots needed: Sphero indi Student Kit or indi Class Pack 

Materials needed: All included indi color tiles 

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For More Advanced Learners: New Cybersecurity Hour of Code Activities

New BOLT Cybersecurity hour of code activity.

Sphero BOLT: CIA Triad and Cybersecurity

When planning for information and network security, cybersecurity professionals keep the CIA Triad—confidentiality, integrity, and availability—at the core of their decision making. 

In this lab, use Sphero BOLT to explore what each of the fundamental principles of cybersecurity mean and learn how to find a balance to achieve a secure system that works for all users.

Grades: 3-12

Robots needed: Sphero BOLT or BOLT Power Pack

Edu Standards: CSTA, K-12 Cybersecurity 

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littleBits Cybersecurity hour of code activity.

littleBits: Password Security and Protection

How many times have you had to create a password for an app or site on the internet? This has become a very common occurrence in our world today. Unfortunately, another common occurrence is hackers or malicious software trying to guess your passwords to gain access to your information on the internet. Strong and unique passwords provide security for any information that we don’t want others to know. 

In this activity, you will explore making strong password combinations using littleBits inventions and coding.

Grades: 4-8 

STEAM kit needed: littleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit

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Find All Sphero Hour of Code Activities

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Want to find more activities to engage your learners with Sphero robots during the Hour of Code? Find them all at and search for activities “Created by Sphero.” 

The Takeaway: CSEdWeek and Hour of Code with Sphero

STEM education, like learning the foundations of computer science, can support your students’ future readiness and make their learning experience exciting and hands-on. We’re here to help bring you lessons off the pages of a textbook and watch them come to life as your students learn to code, explore, and work together – all while having fun. 

From all of us at Sphero, happy CSEdWeek! We look forward to seeing what you and your students learn and create together during the Hour of Code.
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