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If your learner is participating in a virtual or hybrid learning environment, it can be difficult to gauge their progress and mood — especially if it is their first time learning outside of a traditional classroom setting.  

With learning environments evolving it’s important to track your kid's state of mind and social-emotional learning (SEL) development. 

Because SEL is a fundamental aspect to your child’s success, having a clear idea of social-emotional growth will help you contextualize their well-being and obtain a clear visual of their mental health. 

At Sphero, we created this free mood-tracking worksheet so you can closely follow your kid's learning experience and social-emotional evolution — allowing you to provide concrete support while your kid gains a better understanding of their own feelings. 

What is a mood tracker?

A mood tracker is a psychological technique that allows your child to record their mood and feelings at different time intervals. This mood journaling process provides positive reinforcement and promotes mental health during times of adversity, such as getting used to a new virtual learning environment. 

Use Sphero’s SEL-Focused Mood Tracker

With our SEL-focused mood tracker handy, you will be better equipped to give your child the support they need while learning online. Angry, energetic, annoyed, and more, this worksheet will allow your child to document their feelings each day of the month.

The Sphero SEL Mood Tracker.

Click the link below to download the print-friendly worksheet. 

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Enhance Your Kid's Learning Experience 

Understanding change can be difficult for kids. Fortunately, using this mood-tracking worksheet, you can better support your kid's social-emotional development while they adapt to a new learning environment.  

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