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Students engaging with a Sphero BOLT programmable robot in the classroom.

Learning to code, on the surface, may seem like a daunting task. After all, for many learners it can be as challenging as learning a new language. (And in fact, it is a new language!) Fortunately, if you or someone you know is new to coding and is interested in learning how with robots, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Sphero, we are committed to creating fun ways to learn coding and computer science with our ever-expanding collection of programmable robots for kids. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our three favorite programmable robot kits for beginners so you can get started as soon as the delivery driver knocks on your door. Let’s explore each robot for kids more in-depth to learn what you can do with it! 

The 3 Best Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners

Sphero Mini

Kids coding orange Sphero mini through cones with their phones.  

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. While Sphero Mini is about the size of a golf ball (our smallest robot so far!) it’s packed full of tech that rivals some of its larger counterparts. 

Beginner learners can start with Draw Coding, then advance to programming their Mini with Block-Based Coding or Javascript text coding in the Sphero Edu app. Also within the app are hundreds of free STEAM-based activities to try out before you jump into creating your own programs.   

Mini is ideal for designing and building your own mazes, obstacles, towers, and other courses to navigate through the classroom, living room, or kitchen, too. Repurpose common household objects, cardboard boxes, and other craft supplies and let the creativity roll. 

Each Sphero Mini is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights, making  this educational robot more than a mini robot toy. Sphero Mini is the perfect entry into robotics for beginners. 

Sphero Mini Activity Kit Two boys playing with mini activity kit.

Ready to roll right out of the box is the Sphero Mini Activity Kit. This open-and-go kit has everything you need to get rolling, coding, playing, and learning in no time. 

Each Mini Activity Kit comes with a clear-shelled Sphero Mini and 15 STEAM-inspired, step-by-step activity cards for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learning. Also included is a 28-piece construction set, bowling pins, and cones to build mazes, design obstacle courses, construct towers, play croquet, and more.

The Sphero Mini Activity Kit can also be used with the Sphero Edu app, so you can start to learn to code by using the Block-Based Coding feature or level up to coding in Javascript to continue the challenge.

The Sphero Mini Activity kit is an ideal programmable robot kit for kids and beginners of all ages. It makes a great birthday or holiday gift, too. 

Sphero BOLT 

Student sitting at classroom desk with laptop coding BOLT

Sphero BOLT is our most advanced programmable round robot to date, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not designed for beginners too! 

Packed with a plethora of programmable sensors and a colorful 8x8 LED light matrix, Sphero BOLT is paving the way for the next generation of coders, inventors, and creators. Everything you can do with Sphero Mini you can do with BOLT, and more, meaning BOLT will progress with you as you pursue more advanced coding concepts and lessons. 

Create your own STEAM-inspired games and learn how to code through hands-on play and hundreds of activities in the Sphero Edu app. Plus, Sphero BOLT has a 4+ hour battery life on a single charge so the learning can go on for longer. 

Getting Started with Your Programmable Robot Kit

If by now you’ve decided which of our programmable robot kits for beginners works best for you, let’s cover the free resources available so you can jump in and get started. 

Getting Started Guides

Sphero Mini and BOLT all include a downloadable getting started guide for parents, educators, and learners of all ages. Download them below! 

Sphero Mini Getting Started Guide

Sphero BOLT Getting Started Guide

The Sphero Mini Activity Kit includes 15 step-by-step activity cards that are ready to go right out of the box. 

Be sure to download the Sphero Edu app on your smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer so you can get started coding with Sphero robots in no time. We also offer a library of self-service resources for classroom educators and parents so you are supported along the way.


Whether you’re 8 or 88 you can learn to code with the right tools and mindset. By exploring programmable robot kits for beginners, you’ll understand how easy it is to get started and the variety of options that are out there. Find and discover the full collection of Sphero programmable robots and littleBits STEAM kits on today!
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