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There are many science activities for kids you can teach with Sphero BOLT and other programmable robots.

Many kids and teenagers will tell you that science is their favorite subject. From getting hands-on with chemical experiments, to coding robots, to learning about why things happen in nature and in the world around them, there’s something fascinating about science to learners of all ages and stages. 

Science (the S in STEM) is one of the most versatile and diverse subjects in a student’s curriculum. Topics range from space and the solar system to the tiniest cells in the human body. With a new school year upon us, it’s the perfect time to get students excited about science and help them rediscover their love for learning.

In this blog, we highlight nine free science activities in the Sphero Edu app designed to inspire fun, collaborative learning in elementary, middle, and high school so you, as an educator, can reboot your science class this school year!

Science Activities for Elementary School

Learning about the plant life cycle is a fun science activity for kids you can do with Sphero programmable robots.

Elementary school science class is an exciting time. For most kids, it is their first time learning how and why things happen in the world around them. Creating great experiences with science at a young age sparks a love for the subject for years to come. Here are three fun elementary science activities to try with Sphero robots. 

  • Plant Life Cycle (Grades K-3): In this activity, students learn about the plant life cycle. Code the Sphero to follow each step in the correct order.
  • Sea Turtle Rescue! (Grades 2-3): Your class has found sea turtles that are sick and cannot be touched by humans. You don’t know when Animal Services will arrive, so it is your job to create a system using your Sphero to deliver food and water to them.
  • Types of Animals (Grades Pre-K-6): First, students will learn about different animals. Then they will use code to turn their Sphero into an animal through color, movement, and sound.

Find more elementary science activities in the Sphero Edu app.

Science Activities for Middle School

Learning about the human body is a great science activity for kids in middle school that can be taught with Sphero robots.

The transition into middle school science is a big one. While elementary school focuses on basic concepts, there are a lot of areas to cover in middle school, like physical sciences, space sciences, and scientific study, just to name a few. Having a fun and familiar way of learning can make that transition easier on students. These three fun middle school science activities are designed to engage your students with Sphero robots.

  • Sphero EROSION! (Grades 2-12+): Students learn about different types of erosion and model it using their Sphero robot.
  • Organ Quiz (Grades 3-12): Learn the organs of the body through a fun game involving Sphero code.
  • Water Cycle (Grades 5-7): Use the Sphero Robot to demonstrate the water cycle, with movements and animations illustrating each step.

Find more middle school science activities in the Sphero Edu app.

Science Activities for High School

Learning about Gravity and Centrifugal force is a fun science activity for kids in high school that can be taught with Sphero robots.

You don’t typically hear the word “fun” used when describing high school physics, chemistry, and biology courses (especially from your students!)  but we believe in changing that. Taking abstract concepts and making them hands-on and tangible is exciting and elevates their love for learning. These three high school science activities will take your high school science class to the next level.

Find more high school science activities in the Sphero Edu app.

Sphero robots are made to be as versatile as the subject of science is, from elementary schoolers learning about plants and animals, to high schoolers mastering physics concepts, there’s a science activity for every student. 

Find more activities and inspiration for your classroom today in the Sphero Edu App or littleBits Classroom.

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