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EdTech is fully international. Schools, organizations, and individuals around the world have embraced technology in their learning and are seeing significant improvements as a result. In particular, robots are helping individuals develop their cognitive skills, solve problems more effectively, and apply logic to a range of projects. 

From mathematics to engineering, science, and more creative subjects, robots are being incorporated into classes to engage students and prepare them for real-world challenges. Not to mention, robots are powering the next generation of innovators who will create the solutions for many of those challenges.  

At Sphero, our programmable robots support coding knowledge in young students, and our design-and-build kits facilitate the journey of theory into action. What’s more, we ensure that robotics (and EdTech in general) is fun and impactful. We also prioritize accessibility in robotics, meaning that learners of all abilities, in all locations can enjoy our robots and their educational benefits.  

Below, we’ll learn how educators are using Sphero around the world, and explore how Sphero caters to students across the globe. 

How Do Sphero Robots Stand Out in Education? 

Sphero is ahead of the curve when it comes to educational robotics and computer science education. Currently, our computer science curriculum, Computer Science Foundations (CSF) has secured alignment in the UK and Australia, and will soon confirm standards-alignment in Ireland. The CSF curriculum from Sphero allows for a scaffolded approach to education. In turn, teachers can deliver classes in segments, where students are encouraged to master concepts and tasks more independently. Akin to scaffolding, the curriculum offers the framework to construct solutions, but students have to incrementally learn and realize the outcome themselves. 

Similarly, the BOLT Power Pack and our indi robots have been welcomed in schools throughout the UK, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Ireland. 

But Sphero isn’t just about robotics—we’ve intricately crafted a complete solution for educators, including content and training. Many international schools are interested in the potential of these resources and trust that we incorporate experts in education and technology so we offer a comprehensive, easy to implement program in a variety of learning environments and subject areas.  

Where Are Sphero Robots Currently Being Used? 

Sphero bots are in play in 50 countries outside of the United States. These are the specific nations you can find Sphero robots fueling the classrooms of the future: 

  • Australia 
  • Austria   
  • Bahrain   
  • Brazil   
  • Canada   
  • Chile  
  • China   
  • Czech Republic   
  • Denmark   
  • Estonia   
  • France   
  • Germany   
  • Greece   
  • Hong Kong   
  • Iceland   
  • India   
  • Ireland   
  • Israel   
  • Italy   
  • Japan   
  • Jordan   
  • Republic of Korea   
  • Kuwait   
  • Lithuania   
  • Luxembourg   
  • Malaysia   
  • Mexico   
  • Netherlands   
  • New Zealand   
  • Norway   
  • Oman   
  • Peru   
  • Philippines   
  • Poland   
  • Portugal   
  • Puerto Rico   
  • Qatar   
  • Saudi Arabia  
  • Scotland  
  • Singapore   
  • South Africa   
  • Spain   
  • Sweden   
  • Switzerland   
  • Taiwan   
  • Thailand   
  • Trinidad and Tobago   
  • United Arab Emirates   
  • United Kingdom   
  • Vietnam 

What Projects Are Sphero Robots Involved In Around the World? 

In Australia, Sports teachers use Sphero bots to boost transferable skills in students. Working in small teams, students design, test, and refine games that they have coded, motivating one another to communicate clearly and curate a collaborative environment—and all while staying active. For example, students use Sphero BOLT robots to investigate push and pull concepts, to determine placement strategies for ball games, and to host Olympic-style events where robots compete with one another. 

Elsewhere, the Sphero Sports program comes with a specially-designed coding bundle, including a BOLT Power Pack, custom code mats, curriculum, and training. Professional sports teams and their nonprofit departments across 12 countries have implemented a Sphero Sports program to enhance their community outreach via fun, sports-themed STEM learning. 

Meanwhile, in the UK and Israel, Sphero robots are being utilized in therapeutic settings to assist individuals with special needs or physical disabilities. The robots are being programmed to provide sensory stimulation, encourage physical movement, aid in rehabilitation exercises and foster inclusive learning. The interactive nature and adaptability of the robots makes them suitable for other therapeutic applications too. 

Over in the Netherlands and Norway, the Sphero RVR+ robot is being used for outdoor exploration and navigation. This robot can scale varying terrains, collect data, and aid with mapping tasks. So far, the RVR+ robot has been integrated with projects for environmental research, remote monitoring, and educational expeditions. 

In Singapore, BOLT is one of the robots used in the Code for Fun Enrichment Program. The Code for Fun Enrichment Program aims to increase primary and secondary school students' exposure to computational thinking and digital making and introduce them to the world of coding.

To facilitate the exposure of coding and computational thinking to the masses, IMDA and the Ministry of Education (MOE) have offered Code for Fun Enrichment Program to all MOE primary and secondary schools in Singapore since 2014. Sphero has been actively involved in this program since 2018. This year they renewed their robot park to continue their learning program using Sphero BOLT. 

In the Code for Fun Enrichment Program, students learn computational thinking and making, and are exposed to coding concepts through a blend of software inputs (visual/syntax-based programming language) and hardware outputs (Robotics and Microcontrollers).

Sphero’s robots, curriculum, and interactive activities are important components of the modern education landscape. Not only are these resources helping students to learn more deeply and in real-life contexts, they are paving the way for more equal, and higher quality education throughout the world. Sphero robots are already transforming life for people in more than 50 countries, and are set to expand further—making EdTech a global phenomenon, for good. 

View the selection of Sphero coding robots and program a brighter future for your students, anywhere in the world.  

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