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Sphero Mini is ideal for a variety of learners or all ages and coding stages.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Good things come in small packages”? When it comes to robots, they’re no exception! The Sphero Mini is our tiniest, most colorful programmable robot that is the perfect tool for having fun or learning in school or at home. 

Measuring just 1.5 inches across, Mini is small enough for tabletop learning but sturdy enough to roll around on the floor. We packed so much tech into this tiny programmable robot that kids young and old (even adult-aged kids and kids at heart!) will want to take it for a spin. 


Knowing this, you might be wondering what age range or skill level is ideal for Mini. The truth is, Mini is an ideal learning robot for anyone looking to start their coding journey. In this blog, we’ll go over the best ages for Mini and share activity ideas and ways to get started for everyone, no matter what age. 

What is the ideal age range for Sphero Mini? 

Mini is truly a beginner-friendly robot, so it’s the perfect programmable robot for a variety of ages and stages, at home or in the classroom. Right out of the box you can drive Mini with the Sphero Play and Edu apps, program the internal LEDs to be your favorite color(s), control its speed, and so much more. 

We think Mini is one of the best introductory options for teachers who want to incorporate STEM learning into their classrooms. Even if you’re not a tech or computer science educator, Mini is easily integrated into math, science, ELA, reading, and other lessons you’re already teaching.

Sphero Mini for Kids Ages 5-8

Little robots are fun for little learners. While we officially recommend Mini for ages eight+, we’ve seen teachers using it with kids as young as five to teach coding basics. That being said, adult supervision is required for kids under eight while using Mini because unlike Sphero BOLT, Mini’s shell is designed to open up, exposing smaller parts that need to be handled with care and could be a choking hazard for little ones.  

Sphero Mini can be an ideal coding robot for kids ages 5-8.

If you’re looking for a robot specifically designed for your youngest learners, check out our newest robot, Sphero indi. indi is driven by color, so it doesn’t require an app or device. Screenless learning for the win! 

Activities to try with your Sphero Mini: 

Sphero Mini for Kids 8+

Sphero Mini is a fun learning robot for kids ages 8 and up, too.

Third grade is an exciting year of exploration and learning new skills, especially with programmable Sphero robots! We regularly recommend Mini for kids 8+ or in third grade and up. It is perfect for individualized learning in school and with minimal parent guidance at home. The Mini is adaptable to skill level, so beginners can draw, drive, and play games, while more advanced learners can start programs with block-based coding or level up to Javascript. 

Activities to try with your Sphero Mini: 

Sphero Mini for Teens and Young Adults

Teenagers will also enjoy playing games and learning to code using Mini! Try creating more advanced mazes, obstacles, and courses for yourself. Challenge yourself to create code with certain requirements or restrictions. For more advanced learning, try the Sphero BOLT or RVR.

Activities to try with your Sphero Mini: 

Sphero Mini for Adults

Sphero Mini is a fun programmable robot for teenagers, adults, and kids at heart, too.

Are you a kid at heart? If you said yes, then no matter how old you are you can have fun with the Sphero Mini. Play games, build obstacle courses or drive it around the living room to have a good time and learn new skills. Whether you’re eight or 88, the Mini is a great learning robot for beginners.

Activities to try with your Sphero Mini: 

Get Started with Sphero Mini Today 

The Sphero Mini is a fun, flexible, programmable robot that never goes out of style! It can be adaptable for any age or skill level making the possibilities for learning and playing endless, whether used at home or in the classroom. 

Now, thanks to insightful feedback from real-life educators, the Sphero Mini Education 16-Pack is new-and-improved to include accessories for all 16 Sphero Mini robots. ⁣This education pack is specially designed for individualized learning so you can can get your entire class up and running with all the tools and accessories they need to build mazes, learn programming, and start their coding journey without the need for shared materials.⁣


Learn more about the various Sphero Mini options, including Mini Golf and Mini Soccer for sports enthusiast coders, here and share your best Mini activities, mazes, and obstacles with us on Twitter

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