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These trends in STEM Education are what expect to see in 2023.
Happy new year, everyone! As educators head back for the spring semester  and start planning ahead for the subsequent school year, the latest trends in STEM education are top of mind. 
We asked our CEO Paul Copioli what he anticipates educators need to know this year and how Sphero can support both teachers and students in the new year. Here's what he had to share. 

Three STEM Education Trends in 2023

1. Accessibility of Engineering and Robotics in Education 

“In the near future, we anticipate a stronger focus on engineering education in middle and high school, especially through Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, to increase the accessibility for more students.

Educators will need engaging, tangible, and scalable approaches to teaching engineering concepts so a wider student base can feel confident and ready for future college courses and eventually careers in these fields."

Robotics and engineering programs have been around for more than a decade, but historically have only been made available to the top echelons of students. Using play-based learning in the classroom can help lower the barrier to access and introduce more students to the key concepts of engineering and robotics in a fun, tangible, and approachable way.

2. Increased Importance of Cybersecurity Education in Schools

“As more of our daily interactions happen through technology, the importance of understanding cybersecurity principles and becoming technology literate will increase for everyone, including kids.

Learning about cybersecurity in the classroom will ensure today’s students are prepared for technological advances as they come, so we think schools will eventually start offering these types of lessons as part of standard curriculum.”

Did you know Sphero offers 20 cybersecurity labs in the Sphero Edu app that bring abstract cybersecurity concepts to life for middle school students? They're free and work with Sphero BOLT robots. Check them out and ensure your students are prepared for current and future digital literacy needs.

3. Focus on Programming in Robotics Competitions

“We anticipate more robotics competitions will focus more on the programming challenge and how more students can participate.

While physically building a robot tests students' knowledge of various disciplines of engineering, bringing the robot to life through code provides an outlet for students who are interested in computer science to participate in robotics competitions.”

The Sphero Global Challenge in unlike any other robotics competition in that it focuses on programming and problem solving as well as engineering and design. Learn more about it and sign up a team for your chance to compete in 2023! Registration closes February 1, 2023. 


And there you have it, our best insight into the future of STEM education and how we can work together to bring the very best learning experience to life for kids of all ages and stages. Want to learn more? Contact a Sphero Education Specialist today for more information. 

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