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And better than ever.

A few years back, we set out to create a weekly video series to inspire our users and show them what’s possible with Sphero robots and the Sphero Edu app… and let’s face it, no one wanted to do these things on a Monday. Thus, #ThursdayLearnDay was born. It’s now become the second-best-slash-second-most-highly-anticipated day of the week for our users at home, the classrooms that tune in and watch, and the teachers wanting to learn more about Sphero Edu.

Users not only get a kick out of watching our educational (and also very zany) videos, but they enjoy trying our programs like Animal Toss, Sphero Pong, and Olympic Curling out on their robots and getting inspired to create their own new programs. Because we’ve created a whopping 75+ #ThursdayLearnDay programs, we certainly love throwing it back to an oldie-but-goodie just to refresh our memories. And also because it’s fun to look back at the stages of Binary Bill’s hair or remember that Jeremy at one point didn’t have a beard… BUT, now we’re spicing things up a bit, as Sphero sees an opportunity to engage ALL users with #ThursdayLearnDay content.

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Sphero employees smiling at each other wearing Sphero winter beanies.Five Sphero employees dancing together.Two Sphero employees in black BOLT shirts sitting at desk for #ThursdayLearnDay.Two Sphero employees in pink BOLT shirts sitting at desk for #ThursdayLearnDaySphero employee happily pointing at #ThursdayLearnDay logo in Sphero office.

Introducing new #ThursdayLearnDays!

So, we’ve revamped our #ThursdayLearnDay content series and are seriously pumped to introduce it to YOU, our beloved audience of educators, students, and fans. Previously, all of our videos were random, fun, and certainly relatable, but were oftentimes associated with highly complex programs. That’s cool and all, but we don’t just want users to run the programs. We want you to learn a new concept and apply it to your own programs.

We’re bringing it back to the basics, allowing all of our users to grow with Sphero. We’ve shown you the capabilities of the Sphero Edu app (umm, there’s a lot) and now we want to help everyone use it to its fullest, regardless of background knowledge.

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Our revamped #ThursdayLearnDay videos and programs will align with key computer science concepts and build on each other week after week. They’ll also link to an activity versus just a program, which will walk users through key concepts step by step.

Why the revamp?

Sphero has built its fair share of programs, and don’t get us wrong, we will most certainly continue to do so. But now, we want to entice you, our users, to create your own simple, approachable Sphero Edu programs that are tied to activities for either the classroom or home environment. Users will learn a key concept, apply said concept to an existing program or create their own, while continuing to be entertained with the light-hearted, extremely silly, and sometimes embarrassing to go back and watch yourself kind of vibe of a #ThursdayLearnDay video. If one of our team members walks away after filming a “TDLD” and doesn’t feel like a ham sandwich with extra cheese… well, we didn’t do it right.

We also want to introduce new Sphero staff personas. There can only be one Binary Bill. But there can also be… well. You’ll just have to tune in and see what we’ve got up our sleeves.


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With that, we’ve also got a little something extra. And we’re calling it Bits & Bytes. These will be bi-weekly short snippets (you know, just some bits & bytes) featuring Sphero Edu tips and tricks. Bits & Bytes are those really nice tidbits of information that make a world of difference, like all of the “Did you know”s, best practices, and tips and tricks to connect some of the missing pieces in the user experience. They’re just the Bits & Bytes!

So tune in, and stay tuned for ALL NEW #ThursdayLearnDay fun, hot and fresh off the cutting room floor / computer / it’s actually mostly just one guy that films and edits everything and he’s really really great. Happy second best day to Friday!