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littleBits is committed to reinventing the way kids learn. We ensure that all of our kits have the Bits and activities necessary to attract kids with different interests and abilities. When kids want to learn, they learn better.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our first-ever Expansion Packs, which will deepen students’ experiences with our popular educational kits (STEAM Student Set and Code Kit) by offering customized content — by grade and subject — as well as additional invention experiences with more Bits and accessories.

So if your students enjoyed making a catapult or a backpack alarm with the STEAM Student Set, we know they’ll love delving deeper into new science-related inventions like the quake detector to warn them of earthquakes, or a creature connections invention that encourages them to create an animal that reacts to its environment.

If they enjoyed coding a Tug-of-War game with their Code Kit, we know they’ll love learning to code their own digital pet that poops or interactive art installation!

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What You Have, What You Get

Each Expansion Pack comes with additional Bits to complement your existing educational kit, along with six new lessons that tie into grade and subject-specific topics — so now educators can get even more use out of their kits!

Do you have a STEAM Student Set in your classroom now? The STEAM Student Set Expansion Pack: Science deepens students’ STEAM Student Set experience by offering new Science lessons for grades 3-5 and additional invention experiences with an accelerometer, sound trigger, threshold, Makey Makey, wire, long LED, and bargraph Bit, plus various accessories. Students will deepen their engineering design skills with NGSS-aligned Life and Earth Science subject matter.

Do you have a Code Kit? Code Kit Expansion Pack: Computer Science enriches students’ Code Kit experience by offering new Computer Science lessons for grades 3-5 and additional invention experiences with a proximity sensor, accelerometer, light sensor, random, wire, fork, number, and two long LED Bits, plus various accessories. Students will deepen their coding skills with CSTA-aligned Computer Science subject matter and hone their creative design skills by adhering to National Core Art Standards.

Educator Feedback

littleBits has a unique ability to grow with students — from grade to grade and across various subjects. Expansion Packs are proof of this. Whether you have a STEAM Student Set or a Code Kit, Expansion Packs provide students with endless possibilities for exploration. After all, every Bit in our modular system works with every other Bit.

At a recent user testing session, one educator said:

“You provide a wonderful resource for students to collaborate, communicate, create, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in a highly motivational ‘hands-on’ experience… the materials allow for both beginners and experienced users to take on challenges at their level.”

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