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Sphero indi Student Kits and Class Packs are now in stock and shipping to schools worldwide.

Pre-orders placed since May will now ship to schools worldwide delivering fun, hands-on learning to millions of kids. 

BOULDER, Colo., September 16, 2021 -- Sphero, the industry leader in EdTech programmable robots, standards-aligned computer science curriculum, and STEAM-based educational tools, is excited to announce that the Company’s latest coding robot for kids, Sphero indi, is now in stock and available to ship to schools and other learning environments worldwide. 

What is Sphero indi? 

A first for Sphero robots, now kids as young as four years old can speed into STEAM with the most approachable, entry-level learning robot. Sphero indi inspires imaginative, play-based learning by empowering kids to design and build their own mazes while teaching critical problem-solving and computational thinking skills. 

Kids as young as four years old can learn STEAM with Sphero indi, a screenless learning robot.

indi is driven by color, which is what sets it apart from other robots for early learners. With its on-board color sensor and included color tiles, indi provides endless opportunities to rev kids’ creativity and teach valuable coding concepts without the need for an app. With indi, kids can get started learning hands-on, right out of the box. 

“We’re excited to ship indi Student Kits and Class Packs to schools so students as young as four years old can learn valuable computational thinking and problem-solving skills through a fun, hands-on, screenless robot designed just for them,” says Paul Copioli, Sphero’s CEO. 

What and how will kids learn with Sphero indi?

indi offers both screenless and connected coding experiences that sharpen creative problem-solving and computational thinking skills. Students learn cause and effect, pattern recognition, the basics of block coding, and abstraction, all while having fun. 

When young learners are ready to level up to new challenges they can explore introductory coding concepts using the Sphero Edu Jr app, designed exclusively for indi. In the Sphero Edu Jr app, learners can control how indi reacts to the world through intuitive yet powerful programming blocks. Learners can also reprogram how indi responds to different colors by choosing from a variety of movements, lights, and sounds that appear when you navigate over the associated color tile.

What’s in the box? 

Educators who are looking to implement Sphero indi in their classrooms have two options two choose from: the Sphero indi Student Kit, designed for one to three students, or the Sphero indi Class Pack, designed to bring hands-on STEAM learning to the whole class. 

The Sphero indi Student Kit includes one indi robot, 20 non-slip rubber color tiles, one student case, 15 Beginner’s Programming Challenge Cards, one Quick Start Guide, two decorative sticker sheets to customize indi, and one charging cable.

The Sphero indi Student Kit is ideal for 1-3 students.

The Sphero indi Class Pack includes eight indi robots, eight protective student cases, one  charging case to charge and store eight indi robots, one Educator Guide Book, one  classroom tote, 160 non-slip rubber color tiles (20 per student case), eight sets of 15 Beginner’s Programming Challenge Cards (one set per student case), two sets of 30 replacement color cards with adhesive tape sheets, two decorative sticker sheets for students to customize indi, and eight charging cables.

The Sphero indi Class Pack includes enough screenless learning robots, materials and activities for the whole class.

Speed into STEAM with indi in the Sphero Global Challenge Season 2

This year, the Sphero Global Challenge STEAM and robotics competition theme is Heroes Among Us. With five new, unique events to choose from, including a free event designed specifically for students in PK-second grade using indi, there is an exciting mission for students of all ages and stages that will allow them to go deeper with computational thinking, engineering, and programming skills. 

Season 2 of the Sphero Global Challenge robotics competition for kids includes a free event featuring Sphero indi.

The free Sphero Global Challenge event for indi -- Community Heroes -- gives students the opportunity to highlight a community hero and tell their story through indi’s movements. Teams have the option to use indi's color tiles (screenless) to demonstrate algorithmic thinking and pattern recognition or use the basic block coding feature in the new Sphero Edu Jr app (device required) to re-program indi's behavior and movement.

Sphero indi Student Kit and Class Packs are available now on and through various international distributors. Additionally, the Sphero indi At-Home Learning Kit, designed specifically for hands-on, screenless STEAM learning at home, can be found on and Amazon. 

For more information on how to implement Sphero robots in the classroom, including indi, please visit or

About Sphero:

Sphero is transforming K–12 education with accessible tools that encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance through STEAM and computer science. With the help of educators around the world, Sphero empowers learners of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their interests and passions while equipping them with the skills they need to be the world’s future Changemakers. With presences in both Boulder, CO, and Greenville, TX, and remote globally-based employees, Sphero has become the market leader in EdTech solutions, loved by millions of educators, students, and parents worldwide. Learn more at

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