Sphero BOLT Power Pack


Get ready to add some excitement to your classroom with Sphero BOLT – the ultimate coding robotic ball! The Sphero BOLT Power Pack is the perfect classroom tool for engaging students in hands-on STEAM activities. With a durable and waterproof design, all-day battery life, and advanced programmable sensors, BOLT can withstand even the most imaginative, out-of-the-box ideas. The BOLT Power Pack includes 15 programmable robots, an inductive charging case, an Educator Guide, and accessories.

Download our free, in-depth, standards-aligned BOLT Power Pack Educator Guide to easily get started and go further with BOLT in your classroom. A hard copy of the BOLT Educator Guide book is included with BOLT Power Packs. 

BOLT Power Pack Features & Benefits

  • BUILT FOR THE CLASSROOM: With its durable and waterproof design, Sphero BOLT can withstand even the most imaginative, out-of-the-box ideas that your students can dream up, and can take on any adventure your learners can imagine with its all-day battery life.
  • HANDS-ON STEAM: Teach your students hands-on STEAM skills while inspiring creativity and exploring endless possibilities with Sphero BOLT's advanced programmable sensors and 8x8 LED matrix. With BOLT, your students can engage in fun, hands-on play while learning to code and explore the exciting world of robotics.
  • BEGINNER TO ADVANCED: Sphero BOLT Power Pack is great for teachers and students of all levels, with three ways to program (Draw, Blocks, and Text coding canvases in the Sphero Edu app) and lesson plans for introducing and going further with BOLT.
  • CROSS-CURRICULAR LEARNING: Sphero BOLT Power Pack is perfect for cross-curricular learning, combining STEM and the arts to encourage creativity and innovation in your classroom. With access to an extensive library of educational games and activities found in the free Sphero Edu App (compatible with iOS, Android, and Chrome), your students can learn how to code in an engaging and interactive way.
  • DURABLE CHARGING CASE: Take your Sphero programmable robots with you wherever you go with the carrying case that also doubles as a charging station. With its built-in wheels, this versatile case lets you easily store and transport your robots while keeping them fully charged and ready for action, anytime and anywhere.

Sphero BOLT Resources

On the Sphero BOLT Resources page, you can find activities, guides, and resources designed to help users of all levels get started with their Sphero Bolt and unlock its full potential.

Looking to learn more about implementing Sphero in your classroom or get a quote? Connect with our team of education experts to schedule a demo.

SpheroCare Warranty
1 year: $112.99
2 year: $149.99
3 year: $200.99

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What's Included

Product Dimensions

BOLT Robot: 2.87in × 2.87in × 2.87in

Power Pack: 25.63in (L) x 19.36in (W) x 9.02in (H)

Device Compatibility

Sphero Edu App: Students code using Draw, Blocks, or Javascript. Access 1000s of activities and manage your classroom. Chrome, Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Kindle


Community Creations

Some artists use brushes, others use lenses, these kindergarten artists use @sphero BOLT!
When art, science, math, and technology blend together…it’s fun learning.
Students at Blue Star Elementary learned engineering skills by building Sphero-powered cars and racing them. Check it out!
Physics teacher giving testimonial about Sphero.

“Sphero BOLT has been a great addition to my physics classes. My students learn a wide variety of skills by coding BOLT, as it enables them to not only learn physics but they also gain teamwork and problem solving skills.”

Lauren Marrone, Teacher and Sphero Hero from Georgia