1. Order Questions

How can I place a tax exempt order?

We recommend creating an online account on Sphero's website. Instructions on creating an account can be found here. By creating an online account, most public and private schools can place tax-exempt orders via the website. You can check out with PayPal, credit card, or a Purchase Order.

If you are unable to create an online account, or if you need to order for a tax exempt organization that isn't a public or private school, please email a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate to taxexempt@sphero.com and we can assist you.

How do I get a quote?

You can request a quote through our online quoting tool.

If you have questions, and would like to talk to an Edu Sales Manager, please contact edusalesteam@sphero.com.

2. In the Classroom

Do you have any teacher resources?

Check out our Sphero + littleBits Self-Service Resources! We've gathered our must useful downloadable and printable resources that are ideal for educators and parents.

How can I manage students via Sphero Edu?

Click on the below Classroom Management options to learn more.

  1. Creating Learner accounts

  2. Sphero Edu Class Codes

  3. Clever

  4. Google Classroom

We do not recommend having your students create accounts and entering their parents’ email as their guardian email address. This makes it more difficult to manage Learners in your class.

How do I verify my identity as a teacher?

If you have a Sphero Edu account, and are signed up as an Educator, you will need to verify your identity in order to create classes with learners under the age of 13.

We take child safety seriously. If you teach students under the age of 13, we must verify your identity. Instructions on how to verify your Teacher identity can be found here.

Accessing + Using Computer Science Foundations

If you have purchased a Computer Science Foundations Course, please follow the instructions here to access the materials.

Once you have accessed the courses, you can find more information on using Computer Science Foundations in your classroom here.

Interested in learning more about Computer Science Foundations? Find out more here or email training@sphero.com.

How do I store my robots?

Anytime your robot is not in use, we recommend putting your robot into deep sleep and keeping it off the charger.

For the best way to maintain your battery, prior to putting the robot into deep sleep, we recommend first running the battery down to 50% and then putting in deep sleep. The most important thing to note is that, when not in use, the robot should be stored in deep sleep and in a cool area.

You can put your robot into deep sleep via the app you're using. Please note, putting a robot back on its charging base, or plugging it in, will wake the battery up from deep sleep. Therefore, robots should not be stored while charging.

If you're using a Power Pack, it is okay to store your robots on the charging bases as long as the Power Pack is not plugged into the wall and receiving power.

RVR will provide power via the USB and Universal expansion port even when it appears to be off, disconnect your projects when not in use to avoid draining the battery with them. You can also remove the battery when not in use to avoid slowly draining.

Learn more about Sphero batteries here.

3. Compatibility + Tech

Will my devices work with Sphero robots?

The Sphero Edu software is available on many of the most common devices through the use of our mobile apps (iOS, Android, Fire OS), our desktop apps (Windows, macOS, Chrome), and our website. However, some platforms don't support all robots or software features. Please review the tables here to better understand which robots and features are supported on your devices.

Downloading Sphero Edu onto Microsoft Devices

To download the Sphero Edu app on your Microsoft device, please download Sphero Edu via the Microsoft Store or via the Microsoft Store for Education.

When you click on the above URLs, you will be redirected to your default language/country.

For instructions on bulk installation of Sphero Edu onto Microsoft Devices, please visit this site.

Additional Product + Tech Questions?

Check out our expanded support site! If you still can't find what you need, reach out to our team at support@sphero.com.