Three kids holding BOLT's, toy robots.
Three kids holding BOLT's, toy robots.

Team Up With Sphero

In addition to schools and districts, Sphero works with education entities, non-profits, corporations, and more to expand STEAM, computer science, and robotics learning opportunities to students around the world.

Let’s Team Up

Who We Work With

Meet some of the global organizations already working with Sphero to bring exciting STEAM education opportunities to young minds in the community.

International Organizations

  • United Eco Tech – Brazil
  • Sanoval Hidalgo y Compania SC – Mexico
  • Creatium SA de CV – Mexico
  • I 3Net SAS – Colombia
  • MCM Trading – Colombia
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  • Robotix Education
  • Spectrum Education Limited

Why Work With Us?


"Through our work with Sphero, we are committed to bringing STEAM learning solutions to vulnerable kids across Canada. By combining our expertise in software development with Sphero's cutting-edge robotics technology, we are creating innovative and engaging learning experiences that inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators to become the ones who engineer the future for all of us."

STEM It Up Sports

"Since the development of our organization, we have worked with Sphero due to the quality of their materials, accredited curriculum, and amazing team leaders that offer continuous support. Using the Sphero robots allows us to engage with a wider audience than just our K-12 population. We provide instruction starting from ages 4 to 96 years old and this is not a typo!"

How to Work With Us

Ready to collaborate? We’re here to answer your questions! Contact us below for more information.
Sphero partners at a robotics competition.

How to Get Involved

Do you work for a company that’s looking to sponsor a STEM, computer science, or robotics program in your area? We can connect you with non-profit organizations that can help with your corporate social responsibility initiatives!

Looking for Support?

If you work with a non-profit organization we can help connect you with corporate sponsors and other funding opportunities! Access an outreach letter template below that you can customize for your fundraising needs.

Are you looking for a hands-on STEAM, robotics, or engineering program for your non-profit, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, or summer camp? Fill out the short form below to schedule a meeting with our Sphero Experts to discuss how your company can team up with Sphero. Once you have submitted the form, you will be able to choose a date and time that works best for you. Ready. Set. Code!