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Learn how to code using Sphero littleBits Code Kit. With this coding and electronics kit, students create games and make inventions while exploring programming and engineering concepts in the classroom. Snap together the easy-to-use building blocks and start inventing. 

  • Includes 16 bits, 25 accessories, and helpful teacher resources mapped to Common Core, NGSS, and TEKS standards. 
  • Complete 100+ engaging activities and 10 lessons using the free companion app and littleBits Classroom 
  • Students can work independently or in small groups of two or three per kit 

Get hands on with littleBits Code Kit today! Recommended for Grades 3+. 

What’s in Sphero littleBits Code Kit for Kids? 

  • 1 USB power 
  • 2 buttons 
  • 1 dimmer 
  • 1 slide dimmer 
  • 1 pressure sensor 
  • 1 sound trigger 
  • 3 wires 
  • 1 branch 
  • 1 code bit 
  • 1 bargraph 
  • 1 servo & hub 
  • 1 speaker 
  • 1 LED matrix 

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COVID-19 Resources

Sphero is committed to helping teachers adapt to new ways of teaching and kids learning no matter where that is or what it looks like. Check out our COVID-19 resources on how to return to school safely with Sphero in a socially distanced learning environment.

Featured Activities

A kid playing with a purple keytar.
Rock out with your own Keytar invention and customize your sound through code.
Kid's hands holding a littleBit's spider invention.
Program a game of Hot Potato and create your own creepy creature to pass around.
Two sets of hands building an invention using littleBit's circuit board.
Code custom games with the LED matrix and create controllers with the the button bits.

What your Students will Gain

This STEM coding kit gives students the tools to learn coding through hands-on play. Using the Code Kit, students manipulate physical blocks for input, outputs, motors, and sensors. By completing educational games and STEAM activities, students gain hands-on coding experience, creativity, and confidence. 

Empower your students to build games and make inventions. Through hands-on play, students enjoy learning how to code while developing valuable 21st-century skills. 

A girl on a laptop using littleBit's classroom to design a matrix.

Sphero littleBits Code Kit App makes learning easy

The littleBits Code Kit App is designed with students in mind. The app is easy to navigate and utilizes a block-based format. Use Google Blockly with a Javascript text view to create games and physical inventions. The Code Kit App will help students visualize the coding process, making it easier for them to understand.  

A boy testing out his littleBit's keytar inventention.

Get hands on with Sphero littleBits Classroom

The littleBits Classroom includes fully developed lesson plans, video tutorials, and student handouts. Use littleBits Classroom and the app to educate and engage students as they learn to code. Lessons are carefully designed to help students build through scaffolded activities and lesson plans.  

A calendar showing littleBit's lessons aligned to national standards.

Lessons Aligned to National Standards

All lessons in the Code Kit are aligned to NGSS, CSTA, Common Core, TX-TEKS, FL-CPALMS, NY-NYSED, CA-CCSS standards.

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About Sphero littleBits

We’re on a mission to put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone, and to break down complex technologies so that anyone can build, prototype, and invent.

Teacher Resources

Free teacher resources designed to keep you informed and enrich your classroom experiences. Here you’ll find our latest guides, whitepapers, and webinars all in one place.
littleBits Code Kit App Icon.

littleBits Code Kit App

The littleBits Code Kit app makes computer programming fun and engaging by gamifying littleBits inventions, while giving educators a powerful toolbox to easily teach NGSS and CSTA standards-aligned curriculum.

A display of all of the parts included in the littleBit's code kit.

What's in the Box?

  • 1 USB power
  • 2 Buttons
  • 1 Dimmer
  • 1 Slide Dimmer
  • 1 Pressure Sensor
  • 1 Sound Trigger
  • 3 Wires
  • 1 branch
  • 1 code bit
  • 1 bargraph
  • 1 servo & hub
  • 1 speaker
  • 1 LED matrix

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