littleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit

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Gimme a beat! Kids create their own technology with a music boost as they build their own synth guitar, air drums, or their very own unique creation!
  • 8 bits + 18 accessories to build a rockin synth guitar
  • 6 templates, 12 activities + inventions for endless play
  • Ages 8+

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    Featured Activites

    Girl having fun playing with electronic music guitar.
    Bust a move to play your guitar! Let your motion power new beats.
    Girl playing with electronic drum.
    Create a hands-free drum!
    Kid learning STEAM and making a keytar.
    Build your own rockin' synth guitar!
    Girl creating keytar invention.

    Meet the Kit

    Creative kids build and customize a rockin’ synth guitar using littleBits electronic building blocks, then transform it into new electronic instruments of their own! Start by building one of our 12 musical inventions available in the Inventor App, like an electric keytar or air drums, and then grow from their with our community inventions!

    learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) skills, and drawing inspiration from real-world musical inventors. Through hands-on play, kids gain lifelong skills to become changemakers through invention.

    littleBits Electronic Music Kit package, electronic guitar, and phone with the Inventor App.

    The littleBits App

    Free Inventor App: over 12 activities with step-by-step instructions and tutorials that guide kids through building and customizing fun musical inventions to change the way music is created and experienced. Smart device required for video instructions: Inventor App requires either iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later) or Android (5.0 or later) is required. Amazon devices are not compatible at this time.

    What's in the Box

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