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Up close shot of a Sphero BOLT Power Pack with LED matrices spelling out BOLT in purple lights.

Did you know you can easily break down a BOLT Power Pack to have 15 individual robots and charging cradles? BOLT Power Packs can be separated into individual BOLTs and BOLT charging cradles, allowing you to send individual robots home with students. 

Sphero BOLT has a clear, waterproof, scratch-resistant shell that is sealed and does not open which makes it ideal for school checkout and lending programs.

We’ve outlined step-by-step instructions on how to do it properly so you can send Sphero BOLTs home with your students for continued learning at home. 

How to disassemble your BOLT Power Pack

1.) Located at the base of each charging cradle inside the Power Pack is a thumb tab. Gently press down on the tab to release the charging cradle.

Sphero BOLT and BOLT charging cradles.

2.) Gently remove the micro USB cord from the charging cradle before removing it from the Power Pack.

Hand removing USB from BOLT charging cradle.

3.) Be sure to set the micro USB cord back so that it doesn’t fall underneath the cradle platform. DO NOT attempt to remove the micro USB cable from the Power Pack.

Disassembled base of Sphero BOLT charging craddle.

Note: You will need additional micro USB cables and USB wall adapters for each charging cradle. These can be ordered online or found at any store that sells electronics. 

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