Young girl sits in chair while looking at a tablet.
At HomeMichelle Acaley

3 Steps to Improving the Quality of Your Kid’s Screen Time During a Pandemic

You don't have to feel guilty about screen time. In a matter of weeks, my five-year-old daughter went from having no experience with video calls to becoming our family’s go-to expert. The other day I overheard her explaining to her teacher, “You have to mute everybody to make the echo stop.” I’m impressed but not surprised.

Students work together to build an invention on top of a Sphero RVR robot.
At HomeSphero Team

Project-Based Learning Examples: What Is Project-Based Learning?

Here at Sphero, we absolutely love project-based learning. We keep it top of mind when developing new educational tools and make activities and games that actively encourage it. Our passion for project-based learning makes us excited to share our knowledge with readers during the quarantine. 
A girl and her mom work on STEAM-based activities with Sphero Mini Activity Kit at a table at home.
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STEAM Activities for Kids

As we move further along into this post-pandemic quarantine, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their child busy throughout the day. While binge watching television shows may be a solution for some, there are much better ways to engage your child. You can even help them gain new skills while staying at home. 
Sphero RVR navigating a tape maze on the floor of a house.
At HomeRichard Perry

Social Distancing STEM Project

When our school closed and we moved learning to online at home, I started looking for a way to sustain cooperative interaction with my students during these times of responsible social distancing.  I landed on remote coding.
Young boy and father sit at desk while learning off a laptop together.
At HomeDrew Biskner

How to Celebrate “Take Your Kids to Work Day” While Working from Home

Today is National Take Your Kids to Work Day. Under normal circumstances, it would be a time for you to bring your kids to the office to give them a glimpse into the working world, teach them something new, and share experiences together. Obviously, this year things are a bit different. 
A teenage boy since at a desk at home coding with a Sphero BOLT.
At HomeAmanda Vaden

Sphero's Guide to STEM Education at Home

With so many of us working and learning from home right now, we want to support our community with easy access to quality educational content and other resources to help keep kids actively engaged and learning from the living room. 
A girl and her family sit at the kitchen counter at home learning and coding with Sphero BOLTs.
At HomeSphero Team

STEM at Home: A Parent's Cookbook to Teaching STEM

If you have a child in school, you’ve probably seen or heard the term “STEM.” STEM is a term used to describe the study of four academic disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and math. While children have always studied these subjects, STEM brings them together in new ways through an interdisciplinary approach to education.
Sphero Computer Science Foundations on desk while being used on tablet.
At HomeAmanda Vaden

Getting Started with Sphero Computer Science Foundations

What is CSF and how do you get started? If you’re new to computer science, or a parent who is currently adjusting to teaching their kids from the living room, we’ve got a quick start guide below to help you get rolling and coding in no time.