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SPHERO BOLT+ Coding Robot

GREENVILLE, Texas – June 18, 2024 – Sphero, Inc., the leader in educational robots and supporting standards-aligned curriculum, announced the launch of BOLT+, the next evolution of its top-selling robot used by thousands of schools worldwide.

BOLT+ is designed for educators seeking to provide enriched, hands-on learning in STEM, computer science, core curriculum, and beyond. It is engineered for fun and durability and is ideal for educators and students of all programming levels.

“What started as a vision to evolve our most popular coding robot quickly became the next robot that every class in the world should experience,” said Paul Copioli, Sphero’s CEO. “BOLT+ is the next generation of Sphero’s programmable robots and builds on the growing product suite we offer to educators worldwide.”

What is BOLT+

BOLT+ is a round programmable robot that delivers best-in-class, hands-on learning experiences. Inside the waterproof shell is a vivid LCD screen that promotes creativity and self-expression with 650+ vibrant graphics and playful animations. The BOLT+ screen can also display real-time sensor data, aiding precision in code debugging.

By designing animations and games and working on interactive projects, learners engage in coding in an entirely new way that's impactful and unique to each student.

BOLT+ has free resources, activities, and a standards-aligned curriculum, including 38 newly designed lessons. This robot provides a dynamic platform for integrating coding skills into core subjects such as math, science, and language arts. Through code and three-dimensional learning, BOLT+ can help a learner visualize mathematical concepts, conduct scientific experiments, or tell stories. 

“We enhanced the features students and teachers have grown to love over the past six years and embraced new technology that’s now available to teach STEM and computer science,” said Nate Ubowski, Sphero’s BOLT+ Product Manager. “With these considerations combined, BOLT+ is undeniably the most powerful teaching and learning tool available.”

New Features to BOLT+: 

  • VIVID LCD SCREEN: The programmable 128x128-pixel LCD screen with hundreds of graphics and animations promotes creativity and self-expression. 
  • EXCLUSIVE BOLT+ PROGRAMMING BLOCKS:  Move with precision using the new Roll to Distance block, enable manual driving while running a program, and customize reactions to software buttons on your programming device, available in the free Sphero Edu app.
  • FREE LESSONS FOR SCHOOL & HOME: Explore downloadable guides, cross-curricular activities, and standards-aligned lessons.
  • “SHAKE TO WAKE” & BATTERY LIFE: Wireless QI charging and optimized power management ensure all-day battery life, while the "Shake to Wake" feature makes turning on BOLT+ and connecting to a device quick and simple.

BOLT+ Availability & Pricing

Sphero BOLT+ single robots ($199) and 15-robot Power Packs ($3,499) are now available for preorder on for shipment later in the summer. The Code Mats are an interactive addition to the BOLT+ experience and are available in Power Pack bundle options.

BOLT Upgrade Program

Sphero offers a BOLT+ upgrade program for purchasers who want to upgrade to BOLT+. For a limited time, you can receive $70 off a BOLT+ robot or Power Pack (up to $1,050) for each BOLT robot you trade in.

About Sphero, Inc. 

Sphero is transforming PK–12 education with accessible robots, standards-aligned curriculum, and modular building systems that encourage fun, hands-on learning, and imagination. With the help of educators worldwide, Sphero has empowered millions of learners to build critical skills for their future. Learn more at

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