SGC Season 3 Registration (Middle School)

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Registration for Sphero Global Challenge Season 3 is now closed. Stay tuned for Season 4 registration opening this Spring.

For middle school students (ages 11-14), we have two exciting Events designed to build computational thinking, engineering, and programming skills. 

With your registration fee, you will choose one of the two Events to compete in:

  • littleBits Invent 4 Good: Animal Kingdom - Teams will be challenged to design an interactive museum display to educate and engage the public. Learn more >

  • BOLT: Animal Behavior - Teams will program BOLT to imitate and mimic the animal behaviors we see in the wild while completing missions designed to challenge your team. Learn more >

Please Note: 

  • You (the coach) will need to finalize your team’s registration and select the Event(s) your team would like to participate in by completing the Google form sent to the email address you provide at checkout.
  • Coaching materials will be sent to the email you provide in August. 
  • BOLT robots OR littleBits needed to complete the Events are sold separately

What You’ll Need:

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