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Reboot back to school with Sphero.

It’s almost time to head back to school, and for many of us the return of in-person learning will make this a year of firsts, and a lot of “firsts in a long time.” Taking what we’ve learned from the last year, we want to help make the most of being together in the classroom again. 

Not sure where to start? Our Sphero Heroes recommend these activities to help get the ball rolling. 

At Sphero, we make a lot of cool things, but what we find even cooler is being able to provide the tools to inspire educators around the world to offer the best educational experience they can for their students. Learning is better together, so let’s reboot back to school as a team.   

In this blog, we’ll explore how Sphero can help ease into the new school year, calm those first-day jitters, and provide an engaging learning environment no matter where you are. Let’s dive right in! 

Back To School, Back Together

Like so many other teachers and students, you’ve probably missed being in the classroom, working with others, seeing friends, and the buzz of a fresh start. One of the most exciting aspects of a new school year is the ability to collaborate with your peers. Collaboration and communication are crucial social-emotional skills that benefit students in many ways and are just as, if not more important, in most cases, as the technical or educational skills learned in school.  

While there’s bound to be a lot of talk around learning loss and remediation needs since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s also a need to re-up and focus on the SEL skills many students may have missed out on over the last year and a half. 

With Sphero, students can hone their skills in both areas, working together and having fun while learning. Let’s take a look further at how programmable robots and STEM kits make this possible. 

Fun & Engaging Back to School Activities

We know educators (and sometimes parents and students) start thinking about going back to school before the summer break even starts. There is an incredible amount of planning, prep, and organization that goes into building and creating an engaging learning environment. 

When it comes to lesson planning, we’ve got you covered! Within the Sphero Edu app and littleBits Classroom you and your students gain access to thousands of free, standards-aligned STEAM and computer science activities for grades PK-12. 


Robotics Competitions Spark Creativity and Collaboration

As you and your students return to school, why not try adding a little healthy competition to the classroom? Robotics competitions are an exciting opportunity for students of all grade levels and abilities to work together to identify problems and develop solutions to solve them. 

The Sphero Global Challenge is a competition for all students! During the challenge, they can practice coding, design, and problem-solving skills, and have the chance to build and strengthen their innovative thinking and collaboration skills. In the setting of a team challenge, students will authentically use the engineering design process to find solutions in different scenarios.

This year, we’ve added new events and grade levels so any student from PK-12 can participate. Learn more about Season 2 of the Sphero Global Challenge -- Heroes Among Us -- and register your team here

First Day of School Icebreakers

Butterflies in your stomach. Jitters. Nerves. Whatever you call them, there’s no doubt we’ve all experienced some sort of anxiousness leading up to the first day of a new school year. For many students and teachers, the butterflies may feel a little bigger this year as you return to in-person learning, but we have ideas on how to settle them. 

Oftentimes, a fun getting-to-know-you icebreaker activity is all you need to calm the back-to-school jitters. First-day-of-school icebreakers are a great way to make introductions and get to know new students, and Sphero robots can make them even more fun!

Sphero Hero Megan Lowe compiled several of her favorite back-to-school icebreakers. See one in action below! 

Educational STEAM Tools That Make Learning Fun 

Sphero offers the tech tools you need to engage learners of all ages and stages in computer science, programming, and STEAM, whether they’re just beginning their coding journey or looking to be challenged with advanced activities.

PreK - Elementary

Early education students enjoy back to school activities with Sphero indi.

  • Sphero indi Student Kit & Class Pack
  • Sphero Mini 16 Pack 
  • littleBits STEAM+ Code Kit and Class Pack
  • Sphero Global Challenge robotics competition

Middle School

Elementary and middle school students enjoy back to school activities with Sphero BOLT.

  • Sphero BOLT Power Pack + Code Mat 
  • littleBits STEAM+ Code Kit and Class Pack 
  • Sphero Global Challenge robotics competition

High School

Two high school girls work on a Sphero robot as a back to school activity.

Shop All Back to School Favorites

Explore New Professional Development Opportunities

We recognize that educators often have too-full plates and finding the time to pursue professional development hours can seem overwhelming. However, we believe that education is an important part of growth for both teachers and students, which is why we designed three options for those who are interested in STEM-related professional development.

With a variety that provides a natural fit for every teacher’s schedule, budget, and preferred learning style, you can continue to strive to bring the best education experience to your students at your own pace.   

Learn more about why professional development is important for teachers and how Sphero makes it hands-on and fun here

Reboot Back to School with Sphero

From all of us at Sphero, happy back-to-school season! Be sure to lay out your first-day outfit, pack a healthy lunch, and charge up your robots so we can reboot this school year together. 


We’d love to see how you and your students are making this your best year yet! Tag us in your back-to-school photos and videos on social media with @Sphero and #RebootB2S so we can join in on the fun. 

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