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A boy builds a littleBits Doodle Wizard invention in his classroom.

STEM teaching is the hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts, and it’s becoming an increasingly important part of modern-day education. STEM skills grant students the 21st-century abilities needed to perform a wide range of both essential and highly-skilled jobs.

Learning STEM concepts also helps children develop their creativity, problem-solving, and adaptation skills, as well as becoming comfortable with a wide range of technology that’s necessary to thrive in today’s digital world. 

Sphero is here to provide you with the resources and tools necessary to teach STEM effectively both in the classroom and at home. Let’s take a look.

STEM at School

At Sphero, we have a wide range of resources aimed at helping teachers build STEM into their curriculum, communicate its value to higher-ups, and secure funding.

Here are some of our most useful resources:

  • STEM Education Funding. One of the early challenges when building a STEM program is finding enough funding for it. This guide breaks down some of the avenues available for educators when it comes to getting financial support for their STEM programs.
  • How to Bring STEM Learning into the Classroom. In this guide, we show you why STEM is so important, how it’s different from traditional education, and how to introduce STEM into the classroom environment. We’ll show you how to build a successful curriculum, secure funding, and involve parents in the learning process.
  • How Robots Can Teach Physical Education. STEM teaching isn’t limited to science and math classes. In this resource, we show you how to incorporate STEM into physical education, helping students understand how concepts relate to each other and explore STEM in a new way.
  • Products for School. In addition to our guides, we also have a range of products from programmable robots to coding kits aimed at helping you teach STEM effectively and create a more engaging learning environment. You can take a look at our collection here.

STEM at Home

STEM learning isn’t limited to the classroom. In fact, if students want to get the most out of their learning and really make progress with their STEM education, it’s important to incorporate STEM at home as well.

Fortunately, there are many resources and tools available to help parents teach STEM to their children at home:

  • A Parent’s Guide to Introducing STEM at Home. In this guide, we show parents how to teach STEM topics to their kids at home effectively, with tips like focusing on hands-on learning, using dynamic and fun activities, and solving real-world problems. We also explain why starting STEM learning early is so important.
  • Online STEM Resources for Parents. With the rise of online learning, many parents have had to adapt to the challenge of finding online resources to teach their children. The good news is that there is a wealth of resources out there, and this guide contains a list of the best ones. They’re sorted into groups such as tech tools, fun tools for kids, and coding resources.
  • STEM Gifts for Kids. Learning is often much more effective when it’s fun. That’s why we put together this list of some of the best STEM gifts for kids. From mini golf games to full activity kits, these gifts are all designed to teach STEM concepts and add to the learning experience while keeping it fun and engaging.
  • Homeschool STEM Education. This guide is a list of tools and resources to help parents teach STEM to their kids at home. Well show you how to use STEM kits and robots and plan your own lessons, and we’ve included a list of products designed for just that. It’s divided into sections based on your child’s school level, and we’ve also included some ideas for at-home STEM activities.
  • Products for Home. Here you can check out our wide range of products — from activity kits to robots — designed to help you implement STEM learning in your home in a fun, engaging, and effective way.

STEM Projects and Activities

Having the best resources and products available to teach STEM is important, but the final part of the puzzle is creating stimulating projects and activities that make the learning process as fun and stimulating as possible.

Here are a number of resources available to help parents and teachers create the best activities for their STEM learners:

  • 19 STEM Projects for Virtual Learning. In this guide, we explain the importance of STEM in the 21st Century and put together a list of some ideas for virtual projects to help learners develop these critical skills wherever they are. All these activities can be done from anywhere and allow kids to keep making progress on their STEM skills even when they can’t access a classroom.
  • Family STEM Activities. Teaching STEM doesn’t have to take place in a classroom — it can be a full-family activity. STEM learning as a family can be fun and rewarding for kids and parents alike, creating lasting memories while teaching valuable skills. In this guide, we share some ideas for family STEM activities, including some ideas designed especially for the holidays.
  • 17 STEM Career Ideas for Kids. It’s no secret that STEM fields are home to some of the most rewarding and stable careers on the planet. When many people think of STEM careers, they might picture desk jobs like coding, but this is just one area. In fact, there is a wide range of STEM career paths from volcanologist and robotics engineer to dentist and astronaut. In this article, we introduce just a few of the top STEM careers to inspire kids.

Start Teaching STEM Today

STEM is an immensely important and rewarding subject for young learners, and as time goes on and technology plays an ever-bigger role in our lives, it’s going to become increasingly more important to have a solid education in these areas.

If you start teaching students STEM from an early age, you’ll be putting your learners in a strong position to not just excel at STEM subjects but also to excel in the critical thinking and creativity that go hand in hand with these concepts.

At Sphero, it’s our goal to make this process as easy and rewarding as possible for teachers, parents, and learners. To do this, we’ve compiled a vast library of resources, information, and products to help make STEM teaching as accessible as possible. Find out more and get started teaching STEM today.

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