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Five Fun, Enriching STEM Gifts for Kids

Looking for the perfect STEM gift for your special kid? We’ve got you covered with our fun, hands-on educational robots and STEM kits so that you can give the gift of learning all year-round.

Knowing the importance of celebrating the curious learners in your life, we’ve made gift giving easy with our curated guide that features STEM gift kids of every age, interest, and skill level.

Our Top Five Picks for the Perfect STEM Gift

1. Sphero Mini Activity Kit

The Sphero Mini Activity Kit being used at home by a girl sitting at her desk.

Bring on the tech and fun! Great for beginners — this introductory STEM and coding kit combines fun with learning by covering the basics of STEM while engaging kids. Learn to code, drive, and weave your own programmable robotic ball that lights up through obstacle courses and playgrounds that you design. With 15 STEM-inspired Activity Cards and 28 construction pieces, your kid will have all the tools they need to have a blast creating and coding at any level.

Bonus: the Sphero Mini Activity Kit combines screenless learning and playing with coding with the included construction set. But don’t stop there! Incorporate common household items, cardboard boxes, and craft materials to construct a larger maze, city, racetrack and more. Then, let the robot races and games begin!

2. Sphero Mini Golf

A little girl drives her Sphero Mini Golf ball on a DIY course with her iPad.

Fore! This tiny, programmable robotic ball delivers a hole-in-one for awesome educational play. Inspire your kid’s imagination with Sphero Mini Golf where you create your own mini golf course and play your best game. Using our free Sphero Play and Edu apps, explore different drive modes for your robotic golf ball, and enjoy hundreds of free coding activities to learn the basics of programming. Your beginner to advanced STEM learner can tee up for customizable coding fun!

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3. Sphero Mini Soccer

The Sphero Mini Soccer ball on turf under stadium style lights.

Score! Kick-start your kid’s coding journey at any level! It’s as fun as it sounds — drive and control a ping-pong sized robotic ball through obstacle courses and drills you create. To get you started, we’ve included three traffic cones and six bowling pins to set up for your perfect kick. From super basic drive mode, to more advanced block-based coding, your kid will be entertained for hours as they learn how to code. It doesn’t stop there — your learner can use this tiny, robotic soccer ball as a game controller for three different games. Game, set, match — a goal-in-one STEM gift!

4. littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit

The littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit.

Inspire your budding inventor with this powerful starter kit created for engaging, hands-on STEAM learning. Fantastic for empowering your kid to continue learning at home, this introductory electronic circuitry kit helps your inventor build five thoughtful STEAM-based inventions from five Bits and twelve accessories. While using common craft materials and littleBits, we guide you step by step with a wealth of supporting, educational instruction: templates, getting-started guides, and teaching lessons. With endless hours of play, cultivate your kid’s critical STEAM skills through the invention cycle and design thinking: building, prototyping, and inventing.

5. littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

Girl playing with piggy bank and littleBits.

Start inventing straight out of the box! Watch your kid remix his or her world and transform everyday materials using the seven Bits in the kit to create amazing, electronic inventions. With a step-by-step booklet and easy-to-use Bit pieces for play, the kit unleashes your kid’s ingenuity to bring his or her ideas to life. This wonderful screenless STEM gift engages kids through hands-on learning while developing creative, critical, and problem-solving skills to find magic and possibility all around them!

More Great Play Ideas for Your STEM Gift with Sphero

Discover even more play-based learning ideas and delight a special kid in your life by offering the perfect STEM gift! Best of all, Sphero and littleBits make learning fun. Find more STEAM Activities for Kids for ways to fuel endless curiosity and innovation in your future inventor.

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