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Group of students working together on littleBits products.

Join us in celebrating World Kindness Day this week and encourage kind behavior all year long with some of the resources we're sharing, including a full case study sharing how one local technology company and elementary school made kindness a cornerstone of their partnership.

Encouraging students to find ways to give back or experience kindness in their own lives is a wonderful way to build a healthy school environment and community. Efforts to encourage peer-to-peer learning, build student-teacher relationships, and create ties to the community all illustrate how simple acts can foster a kind and caring environment. 

Educators share a variety of ways that they've made a difference with unique tips to make kindness matter. Simple activities like modeling kind behavior to creating a kindness center can be very impactful for young children. Taking those concepts a step further, educators share the benefit of empowering students to take initiative by identifying community projects or working on class projects.

Teachers working together to help students with STEM project.

In fact, by incorporating littleBits Code Kit lessons and activities, Algonkian Elementary School in Virginia, was able to create a dynamic partnership with a local technology company, Rhythmic Technologies, to inspire young learners in computer science. Students and educators connected with the team of Rhythmic volunteers after school to build a foundation for computer science with a Code Club. The students, Alkonkian staff, and Rhythmic volunteers were thrilled with the outcome and shared a lesson in how kindness matters in the classroom and beyond. Learn how they built community with code and get the case study

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