littleBits w33 Control Hub

SKU: 650-0161

The control hub Bit was designed to serve as the "brain" for the littleBits Space Rover Inventor Kit. This Bit connects with the littleBits app on your Apple device (iOS 10.0 or later). Android and Amazon devices are not compatible at this time. Once paired with the app, this Bit allows you to control your circuit from your smart device. Other features include a speaker for playing customizable sound effects, and three output bitSnaps so you can control multiple Bits separately.
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Two students working together to create littleBits STEAM Student Set invention.

Endless opportunities for invention

Each color-coded Bit has a specific function (e.g. lights, sensors, motors, inputs, and outputs) and is modular and reusable for an infinite number of inventions. Use the littleBits modular system to create inventions that solve any problem! Empower students to let their imagination take flight by customizing their inventions with crafts and household items.  

Guided activities prompt students to find solutions to real-world problems through applying engineering, physics, art, and design thinking concepts. Students can then advance their skills to the next level by tackling open challenges that help to change the world.