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Sphero has the tech tools you need to engage PK–12 learners in programming and STEAM (STEM + Art) at home or in the classroom. The Sphero Learning Ecosystem brings STEAM, computer science, and robotics to life with tangible tools and expert-designed lessons for hands-on learning at every step of the educational journey. Shop our coding robots, littleBits, Blueprint kits, and more!

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BOLT coding robot with LED matrix.
BOLT Power Pack with 15 coding robots.
Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini
Mini 16 pack box with activity cards fanned out.Girl coding mini robot ball with a laptop.
Sphero Mini Robot Ball: Golf Theme
Mini Soccer coding robot toy.
Teacher reviewing self-guided instructions on a monitor while holding robot and using a tablet to  code.Teacher pointing to high school student's laptop screen beside a STEM robot.
Cover of spiral bound book of Computer Science Foundations Course 1.Spread of Course 1 STEM activity instructions with robotic ball and tablet.
Sphero Computer Science Foundations Course 2Spread of Course 2 STEM activity instructions.
Cover of spiral bound book of Computer Science Foundations Course 3
Sphero Computer Science Foundations Courses 1-3
Sphero Craft Pack with school supplies.Sphero Craft Pack | Craft Supplies For Schools
Sphero Turbo Cover
Blue Sphero Mini Shell.
Pink Sphero Mini Shell.
Green Sphero Mini Shell.
Orang mini shell in a box.
White Sphero Mini Shell.
Blue Sphero® Terrain Park.Sphero® Terrain Park parts.
Blue Sphero Chariot on SPRK.Blue Sphero Chariot on SPRK side view.
Sphero Mini™ Pins & Cones Accessory Pack.Sphero Mini™ Pins & Cones Accessory Pack colorful pins.
Sphero Maze Tape | Metric Measuring TapeStudents and teacher working with Sphero Edu Maze Tape.
Black Sphero Edu USB Charging Hub.
Blue Sphero RVR Roll Cage.Green Sphero RVR Roll Cage.
Sphero RVR Mounting Plate - Clear. Magnified view of student working on Sphero RVR Mounting Plate with different circuits.