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Sphero has the tech tools you need to engage PK–12 learners in programming and STEAM (STEM + Art) at home or in the classroom. The Sphero Learning Ecosystem brings STEAM, computer science, and robotics to life with tangible tools and expert-designed lessons for hands-on learning at every step of the educational journey. Shop our coding robots, littleBits, Blueprint kits, and more!

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Blueprint Gear PackBlueprint Gear Pack
Blueprint Hinge 15-Pack
Blueprint Lead Screw & Nut PacksBlueprint Lead Screw & Nut Packs
Blueprint Linear Motion Bracket 10-Pack
Blueprint Lock Plate 50-Pack
Blueprint Plate PacksBlueprint Plate Packs
Blueprint Pulley PacksBlueprint Pulley Packs
Blueprint Removal Tool 3-Pack
Blueprint Rope Clamp 15-Pack
Blueprint Rope PackBlueprint Rope Pack
Blueprint Shaft Collar & Spacer PacksBlueprint Shaft Collar & Spacer Packs
Blueprint Shaft PacksBlueprint Shaft Packs
Blueprint Storage Bin
Blueprint Truss PacksBlueprint Truss Packs
Blueprint Turntable 15-Pack
Blueprint Weighted Truss PacksBlueprint Weighted Truss Packs
BOLT Educator GuideBOLT Educator Guide
Bolt Power Pack Case Only - No Robots
indi Charging Caseindi Charging Case
indi Class Pack AC Power Supply Adapter
indi Color Card Kitindi Color Card Kit
indi Durable Color Tilesindi Durable Color Tiles
indi Educator Guide book.Educator flipping through indi guide book.