littleBits STEAM Student Set

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This item is discontinued and no longer available. Check out the littleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit for a great alternative.

Meet the electronics kit designed to teach STEAM principles and encourage exploration, experimentation, and creativity through hands-on learning. Developed with educators, the STEAM Student Set makes the engineering design process fun and iterative for students while giving you everything you need to easily implement 20+ hours of standards-aligned curriculum in the classroom.

Unpack the STEAM Student Set and transform students into inventors!

  • Engage up to 3 students per kit with 19 bits and 46 accessories  
  • Run 20+ hours unplugged/no device required cross-curricular and standards-aligned lessons available on littleBits Classroom
  • Open and guided STEAM challenges on littleBits Classroom that foster creative problem-solving skills and encourage self-expression and reflection
  • Included Invention Guide containing Bit tips and 8 step-by-step challenges to get started
  • Improved durable storage container for easy organization and clean up & printed materials for instructional support and classroom implementation

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Engage the Entire Class!

Sphero littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack (10 Kits)

This comprehensive kit includes 10 individualized sets with storage, a comprehensive Invention Guide, and over 40 hours of standards-aligned STEAM curriculum to fuel critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork through hands-on activities and projects.